Pest Control Southside Offers a Price Discount to Seniors on All Pest Control Services Offered in South Brisbane

Pest Control Southside Offers a Price Discount to Seniors on All Pest Control Services Offered in South Brisbane

South Brisbane, QLD – Pest Control Southside is the leading pest control company in South Brisbane. As a top provider of pest control services, Pest Control Southside is constantly working on new ways to ensure that the members of their community enjoy the best possible services. This has led to the announcement of a special 10% discount on all pest control services offered to seniors of the community who are in need of such services this holiday season.

Describing their company while announcing the launch of their special discount offer, the spokesperson for Pest Control Southside, said, “When the community calls, we answer. We’re the top family-owned pest control company found in the Brisbane Southside area, so whenever professional pest control is needed, we’re the go-to company that gets the job done. Through our experience, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge pertaining to pests and with this information, we tackle any common household pests that might inhabit your home head-on.”

As a leading company providing pest control services in the area, Pest Control Southside has worked through the years to ensure that all pest control service needs are well attended to, whether small or large pests. 

By working with a team of professionals, Pest Control Southside has ensured that all members of their community are presented with top-quality service that begins with a proper inspection of the area to ensure that the full extent of the infestation is captured. In addition to this, their team goes ahead to discuss the possible control options with their clients and choose the best one based on the type of pest problem, level of infestation, as well as other factors.

Focused on serving both residential and commercial property owners in the area, Pest Control Southside focuses on employing the best and most humane practices when it comes to pest control. This is why their company tries as hard as possible to avoid killing pests. Their team puts in an extra effort to ensure that pest control services are provided with a clear conscience.

Employing humane pest control practices, clients can rest assured that all of their pest control needs will be well attended to. Some of the common pest control cases treated and relocated include domestic pests such as termites and white ants, spiders, cockroaches, ants, rodents such as rats and mice, silverfish, bed bugs and lice, fleas and ticks, bees and wasps, birds and turkeys, snakes, mosquitos and midges, possums and more.

Pest Control Southside is located at 7 Bishop Court, Loganlea, QLD 4131 AU. To take advantage of their special 10% discount for seniors, click here. Contact their team via phone at 1300 767 770 or send online enquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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