Unifii Extends Opportunity to Join Unifii Cares Program

Unifii Extends Opportunity to Join Unifii Cares Program
Unifii is a London based company that is seeking individuals from all over the world who are financially stable to join their Unifii Cares program. With the Unifii Cares program, Unifii is able to lend out microloans to assist those who are faced with poverty. The more memberships and donations the program has, the more individuals throughout the world Unifii can help.

London, UK – Unifii is a team of specialists in the financial publishing field that have the goal of sharing the best unbiased and affordable market information that helps individuals attain financial success. The Unifii suite of products have been specifically designed to accomplish the goal of allowing individuals to take control of their financial wellbeing. The mission within the Unifii team is to share the best, unbiased wealth-building strategies, tools, and principles that will protect and grow wealth.

Around the world, poverty remains a rampant issue and those who face it require help. Poverty and financial crisis can be a difficult life challenge to overcome and oftentimes, those who are faced with this challenge do not even know where to turn for help. In order to help those in need rather than provide a handout, Unifii has created the program, Unifii Cares, with the desire to form an army of financially healthy individuals from all over the world to be the solution to those seeking help. Unifii Cares can be the light that pulls those facing poverty out of the current darkness that they are experiencing.  

The team within the Unifii Cares team actively seek to do good each week by providing microloans to individuals who are looking for help. Each week, Unifii supports a microloan request that is eventually paid back over time, allowing Unifii to reinvest the original loan into more and more microloans. With this microloan program, if Unifii supported $25,000 worth of loans in the year 2019, they are able to support another $25,000 worth of loans in 2020, along with the $25,000 that has been repaid to them. The microloans allow Unifii to double their microloan totals for the year to continue to give more to more families.

Unifii invites those who want to help those in need to join the Unifii Cares team by supporting a microloan that Unifii is currently supporting or choosing one of the individual’s own. Unifii Cares does not require members to give on their end, but if 1000 Unifii Cares members were to give $25 per month, the program would be able to support $25,000 in microloans per month.

Unifii is located at 27 Old Gloucester St, London, UK WC1N 3AX, GB. Contact their team via phone at +1 877-536-5390 or send online enquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding Unifii, their Unifii Cares program or any of their other programs that are designed to provide financial assistance and guidance, visit their website.

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