Be ready to say Omona as they bring Everyone Delicious Korean Meat BBQ

Be ready to say Omona as they bring Everyone Delicious Korean Meat BBQ

Traveling across the states made us realize that there was not a single place that offered the taste of our cultural BBQ meat. So, we decided to provide US citizens with frozen Korean BBQ meat ready to be cooked at home in no time. We are ‘OMONA’, and we are here to get you exposed to the traditional taste of Korean BBQ. Omona is a Korean expression that displays surprise. It is similar to ‘Oh my Goodness’ or ‘Oh my God’. 

Our products include a wide variety of frozen Korean BBQ meat that is ready to be delivered at your doorstep. We provide these products in the frozen form so that if you don’t want to cook it right at that moment, you can save it for your next meal in your freezer. Our products include Spicy Marinated Chicken Bulgogi, Spicy Marinated Pork Bulgogi, Korean Beef Rib Eye Bulgogi and utility bundle packs of all of the products mentioned above. Today we are going to talk about three of our products i-e Korean Beef Rib Eye Bulgogi, Korean Beef Short Rib Galbi, and Spicy Marinated Pork Bulgogi.

Korean Beef Rib Eye Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a Korean word that means ‘Fire Meat’. It is a dish made by thin marinated slices of beef grilled on a BBQ. In-home cooking it is often stir-fried in a pan. This dish originated from the northern areas of the Korean peninsula and is very famous in South Korea where it can be abundantly available in restaurants and supermarkets as pan ready kits.

Usually, this dish is made by marinating the beef a few hours before. Then this beef is thrown over a hot skillet that will fill your house with a mouth-watering beef aroma, just like the smell at Korean BBQ restaurants that makes you so hungry. The meat gets cooked in seconds, and then you can serve it with red leaf lettuce, rice, and red pepper paste. 

Korean Beef Short Rib Galbi

This is a type of grilled Korean Cuisine. Galbi is a Korean word that means ‘Rib’. This dish is made of short ribs. Korean style short ribs are easily available in the Asian markets. The Flanken refers to a strip of beef cut across the bone from the chuck end of the short ribs. 

These short ribs are cut lengthwise across the rib bones. As a result, you get a thin strip of meat about 8-10” in length. The thin slices speed up the cooking at the grill.  It is usually served raw and then cooked at a table topped grill. It is marinated in a sweet and savoury sauce usually containing soy sauce, garlic, and sugar.

Spicy Marinated Pork Bulgogi

This dish is made with thin slices of pork belly and a sweet ‘GochujangSauce’ that can be served with a side of rice, wrapped in lettuce or used in tacos. Gochujang sauce is a Korean chilli paste. This dish is full of spicy and savoury flavours from the gochujang paste, fish sauce along with a balance of sweet in it. 

It is intense in flavour because of the garlic, ginger and onion marinade and becomes so delicious when served on top of some plain white rice to mop up the salty ‘Umami Sauce’. Umami is a Japanese word that means ‘Delicious Taste’.


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