Pushy People Put Visitors off Business Exhibition Stands: Survey

In their survey of over 1000 respondents, carried out by Google Surveys in early December, bespoke exhibition stand company Plus Exhibition asked the question “When attending an event, what aspects put you off an exhibition stand the most?”

Their findings revealed that a significant percentage of people (46.3%) were most put off by pushy or overeager sales staff. Whereas the design itself proved to be the issue for some people, with 11.1% choosing “unappealing design” and the 13.2% who were put off by a “boring visitor experience”.

Do People Know What Your Exhibition Stand Is Promoting?

In their survey of over 1000 respondents, Plus Exhibition provided a range of potential flaws that exhibition stands can have. These included aspects of style, design, layout, as well as the impact of employees. While you may be quick to assume that the most off putting feature would be the aesthetic appeal of the design, one of the biggest issues people had with exhibition stands is they could not establish what the company was trying to promote. In fact, one-in-four of all survey respondents said this was their main grievance.

“A bespoke exhibition stand provides you with the platform to attract attention and spread the word about the products or services you offer, so we can’t stress enough how vital it is for your brand message and purpose to be as clear as possible. Every brand wants their custom exhibition stand to look magnificent, but you’ll set yourself up to fail if a passerby has no clue what they’re looking at. You’ll gain new customers by standing out in the crowd, not disappearing into a sea of other exhibitors.” – Tom Bristow, Plus Exhibition managing director

Sales Staff Can Be the Life or Death of Your Exhibition Stand

With an astounding 46.3% of the votes, “pushy/overeager sales staff” proved to be the aspect of exhibition stands that put people off the most. This information is crucial for companies to take on board, as a bespoke exhibition stand has the potential to increase your company’s exposure and sales significantly. But all that creativity and innovation will be useless if your sales team is driving potential customers away. A vital part of planning for an event is putting together a team of employees who are not only knowledgable about your brand and ideology but also possess the interpersonal skills to engage customers confidently.

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