5 Life Science Marketing Trends In 2020 And Which Agency To Hire

5 Life Science Marketing Trends In 2020 And Which Agency To Hire

The shift from traditional to digital marketing is one that has affected a multitude of industries. Life science and pharmaceutical companies in particular have had to show great caution in how they market themselves in this new digital era. The following are five of the most popular marketing trends that such companies have employed lately Metaphase Marketing, which is a biotechnology based digital advertising agency that has proven to be a leading option.

1. Marketing Hyper-Relevant Targeted Advertisements

Targeting specific types of customers to ensure engagement has become much easier nowadays. Companies are able to focus on a specific set of individuals, precisely targeting them with hyper-relevant content. Most platforms have taken a note out of Facebooks playbook, who is still leading the way in digital advertising, and have built platforms that allow for very specific targeting, everything from interests, location, job title, behavior, and demographics.

2. Getting “Influencers” Involved

With the rise of social media websites, online influencers have garnered a lot of attention. Such individuals have a strong online presence, which is often used by businesses to advertise and market their products. Influencers with a large audience can direct many of their followers to a company’s services through endorsements and reviews.

3. Creating Social Engagement Audiences

Video is among the leading content formats on the internet. Video posts on websites like Facebook and Instagram often receive more views and shares in comparison to their text-based counterparts. This aids businesses in reaching out to their social audiences and gives them the option to cater to specific demographics based on the type of video they produce and retarget the most engaged audience based on percentage of video watched.

4. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a process through which businesses form a relationship with their buyers and aiding them through every step. For this, a focus on communication is imperative and email can certainly assist in achieving this. Even if it might not be as relevant as before, emails still act as an avenue that leads to stronger relationship building and communication between businesses and their customers. Text message automation and Facebook messenger marketing are also going to be much more relevant in 2020 than ever, and should used along side any email marketing campaign.

5. Gathering Data

Data is nothing short of an asset in today’s increasingly digitized world. Companies aim to track, analyze and test data gathered from their marketing campaigns to see what their customers respond most positively to.

Metaphase Marketing is a marketing agency that has garnered a positive reputation for their modern advertising solutions in fields like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and R&D facilities. Delving into every aspect of digital marketing, they provide clients with a comprehensive experience. As a result, they have become one of the premier agencies to hire in 2020.

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Metaphase Marketing helps top-tier brands with the growth of their business through the use of modern digital advertising and marketing. They are experts in all aspects of digital marketing including: content marketing, digital advertising (PPC, retargeting, display, social), and digital marketing consulting. They specialize in industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and R&D Facilities.

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