Anmar Shah is now being lauded as a highly followed fitness star across the globe

Achieved the milestone of 11 million views on YouTube!

Jenkintown, USA – The new YouTube sensation Anmar Shah renowned as Anmar “Fit”, is helping hundreds of thousands of people across the globe to get in shape and lose excessive weight. The YouTube channel of AnmarFit has now been viewed over 11 million times, and the channel has earned over 200,000 subscribers. Along with a trending YouTube channel, AnmarFit is also managing a highly successful online coaching program, which has over 4,000 active clients and 600 success stories. The multitalented fitness geek Anmar Shah has also launched his own online health and food company Proteiny.

“AnmarFit” graduated as a personal trainer, from the National Federation of Professional Trainers in 2015. Since then he has been operating as a fitness entrepreneur and a social media influencer. Through his work, he has been able to inspire countless individuals to get serious about their bodies and become healthy and fit. Whether anyone is looking to lose fat or build muscle, AnmarFit has got everything covered. He has been an athlete in the 100-meter sprint, and a member of the Saudi national team and the Jeddah Ittihad Club. Anmar is also a qualified trainer and sports nutritionist from the National Organization of Professional Trainers in America.

Anmar Shah is a dedicated individual and highly passionate mentor. He believes in hard work and creating a difference in the lives of people he reaches via different social media channels. In his words: “A young Saudi man born in the city of Jeddah, I love all sports and tried most of the sports in the past, and after that, I decided to be an integrated athlete with experience in the field of nutrition and training for more than 7 years, holds a certificate of training and sports nutrition from the National Organization of Professional Trainers in America. In addition, I trained under the hands of the best sports coaches around the world in my sporting career after this I decided to take the knowledge and experience that I learned in my life and help people to change their life.”

With over seven years of experience, Anmar had the privilege to get trained from only the best coaches around the world. He also loves all sports and has tried most of them in his eventful career, going on to become an integrated athlete. With such a dazzling athletic career and intense training, Anmar decided to take one step ahead and share his learnings with the whole world.

The main highlights of Anmar’s online coaching include the Amplification program for building muscle and increase strength and muscle size; programs dedicated to fat loss and muscle highlighting; and a program dedicated to weight loss and muscle building.

About the Company:

Anmar Shah also known as AnmarFit is becoming a new sensation in the fitness world. With a growing following on his YouTube Channel, Anmar is dedicated to helping his followers get serious about their health.  

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