At-home Device For Women’s Urinary Stress Incontinence is Now FDA-Cleared!

MONROE, CONN. – JANUARY 7, 2019 – Elidah, Inc., a woman-owned medical device company, proudly announced today the publication of clinical data that supports the success of its ELITONE® device. The Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy published a report titled “Surface-Applied Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Self-Administered Treatment of Female Stress Urinary Incontinence”  that presented favorable findings of women treated for urinary stress incontinence using the device. One out of every three women suffer from incontinence.

Women in the study had suffered with incontinence for on average 10 years. In the clinical study, after 6 weeks of use 95% of the study participants reported fewer bladder leaks, with an average reduction of 71%. And 85% of women reported a significant reduction in pad use.

“It is quite common for women to develop bladder leaks after childbirth,” said Gloria Kolb, co-founder and CEO of Elidah. “Unfortunately, many don’t know that their leaks will likely worsen in time, or that effective, non-surgical treatments are available.  At Elidah we’ve worked hard to provide women with a non-invasive solution that lets them regain bladder control.”

ELITONE® works by contracting the pelvic floor muscles up to a 100 times during a 20-minute session. Different from incontinence trainers, there are no vaginally inserted components women often find awkward to use. ELITONE® actively exercises the pelvic floor muscles, essentially doing “Kegel exercises” for women. The device is worn under clothing while doing other activities. Treatments last only 20 minutes.

In a recent ABC-TV health news segment, an ELITONE® customer shared her personal experience with urine leaks during exercise. Her doctor said her incontinence wasn’t severe enough to warrant surgery, which left her feeling embarrassed, frustrated and thinking there were no treatment options. After using ELITONE® for only a few weeks, she no longer worried about leaks when jogging or jumping.

ELITONE® is FDA-cleared as a medical device that does not require a doctor’s prescription. This allows women to purchase directly so the product can be shipped to her home in a discreet package. ELITONE® can be billed to a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Ms. Kolb notes, “From interviewing hundreds of women, we know treatment convenience is very important. Women who are busy with family and work don’t have time to go to weekly physical therapy and the ability to use ELITONE® whenever and wherever they want means they are more likely to treat, which means they are more likely to see positive results.”

In addition to publishing its clinical research, which is primarily intended for an audience of healthcare providers, Elidah provides helpful information to women seeking basic incontinence information. The company’s blog posts provides tips for performing Kegel exercises and comparisons of Kegel training devices have been viewed by tens of thousands of women. Elidah also sponsors content for patient groups including the National Association for Continence and the Simon Foundation for Incontinence. Through this patient information Elidah hopes to encourage women to pursue treatment early.

About Elidah

Elidah is a woman-owned FemTech medical device company established in 2014 to help women who suffer from incontinence. Elidah is developing technologies that integrate recent advances in wearable devices, biomaterials and mobile interfaces to deliver innovative therapeutic solutions that are non-invasive, comfortable and convenient. Elidah is led by entrepreneur Gloria Kolb, Founder and CEO, an MIT- and Stanford-trained engineer whose previous accolades include Boston’s 40 under 40 and MIT Technology Review’s World Top Innovators Under 35 (TR35). To learn more, visit https://elitone.com/.



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