Radicle Health to Offer Incredible Services for Patient Care, Community Education, and Clinical Training

In order to promote good health and well-being in society, Radicle Health is actively involved in community training and patient education. They have established the Radicle Health Clinician Network to help individuals in establishing direct connections with the healthcare practitioners around the world. The idea is to educate the community with the desired information about treating chronic illness and age-related problems using Cannabis.

Within the past few years, scientists have collected stronger evidence in favor of using cannabis for medical health applications. Patients are now becoming aware of these latest solutions and they are eager to know more about possibilities. However, if you do not have enough knowledge about the clinical use of cannabis; the professionals at Radicle Health Care are ready to provide extensive training on the same. At this platform, you can find all the information that you may need to share with the patients ahead.

You can join the clinical training programs to boost your knowledge base so that you can serve your patients with more up to date details. In addition to the clinical training practices, Eloise Theisen at Radicle Health is also ready to connect to the medical communities. She will be teaching teams how to use cannabis more effectively in clinical settings.

Furthermore, the non-clinicians can join the speaking engagements with Timothy Byars to avail of essential knowledge about cannabis ethnobotany. These experts can help you obtain high-level descriptions about the working of the human endocannabinoid system and the impact of cannabis on it. They will also help community members to get rid of the common misconceptions about cannabis.

Other than this, the community education programs at Radicle Health also provides information about cannabis laws and regulations. They can help you find ways to get more involved in this sector. Each course and training session is available with a small fee that can be paid online. Interested candidates can book an appointment with experts and switch to the individualized treatment plan as soon as possible.

About Radicle Health:

Radicle Health is a big name in the medical health industry with their huge experience in education and training. It is important to mention that they do not sell or distribute any kind of medicine. The teams of experts are dedicated to serving the patients, clinical teams and medical health professionals to stay up to date with the benefits, usage and laws associated with cannabis. They are ready to provide customized support through Radicle Clinician Network.

In order to know more about Radicle Health and its services, we asked a few questions from the expert teams associated with this platform.

Q. What inspired you to lead a training and education center for the medical health community?

A. One of the biggest gaps in regards to cannabis as a medicine is education. Patients are using cannabis and clinicians need to know about it. Our education and training allows clinicians to access the most comprehensive and up to date self paced cannabis curriculum.

Q. How do you believe cannabis could change the future of the medical health industry?

A. In my practice, I am seeing cannabis replace many different pharmaceuticals and reducing polypharmacy in the older population. It is proving to be a valuable tool for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. Cannabis has a lot to offer in terms of cannabinoid profiles and routes of administration and for some patients, cannabis can be the only medicine they need to treat a multitude of symptoms.

Q. What should people expect from your training sessions and educational programs?

A. A comprehensive and up to date curriculum that will provide the foundational knowledge to help clinicians and cannabis industry personnel guide patients. Our education and training includes case studies from Eloise who has worked with over 6,000 cannabis patients. We also offer a community with monthly webinars that provides on going support.

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