Levolution to attack various barriers and shortcomings in token offerings with LEVL token

Levolution platform is believed to be the most innovative solution for dealing with the current barriers and shortcomings in token offerings. It is noted that token offerings present incredible fundraising opportunities to meet project objectives. With the support of this extraordinary platform, entrepreneurs and business leaders can easily launch and/or fund their new projects. 

The Levolution platform is designed to help all those interested entrepreneurs and business leaders take advantage of grabbing the best returns out of token offerings. No matter the user’s level of experience,  Levolution makes it their responsibility to help their users develop, create, launch, market, and optimize their ITO project(s). 

LEVL token is the official cryptocurrency of Levolution, and it is accepted as a form of payment by all LEVL partners. The token is accepted in all countries and territories except the Cayman Islands, China, Canada, and the United States. 

Currently, the Levolution token can be traded on three exchange listings: P2PB2B, Coineal and Livecoin. Note that the daily exchange volume on P2PB2B is 101,598.78 LEVL, whereas, for Coineal it is 354,994 LEVL. Levolution is currently prospecting reputable exchanges for the LEVL token to be listed on; an announcement regarding the new exchange listings will be made in the immediate future. 

Levolution has received an abundance of partnership requests over the last three months. Levolution began onboarding partners at the beginning of November 2019. So far, they have established partnerships with the following companies: Easy Listing, Vitor Services, Cryptogang, Motion Factory, Coins Telegram, Six PL, and Krypto Launcher. Levolution looks to onboard more partners in the immediate future. These partnership requests include potential Levolution platform service providers (companies that will assist Levolution users throughout the ITO creation, optimization, and marketing processes).

Levolution has also come up with a back-end update that will allow users to set up all the parameters of the token sales smart contract (determine use case, total supply, price point, choose a consensus mechanism, establish their internal architecture, take care of API’s, design their interface, and assure that their cryptocurrency meets all regulations and law requirements).

Q. Can business owners and investors associate with projects offering from any corner of the world?

A. Levolution is providing the tools to generate tokens and a portal to manage the token sale. However, every project must have a legal counsel in order to conduct a token sale, the legal counsel of the project will make sure to comply with the regulations in the different countries involved.

Q. How can Levolution safeguard investors from criminals, fraudsters, and unscrupulous projects?

A. Levolution is requiring every project applying on the platform to disclose all their information such as financials reports, KYC of the team members, proof of address, references, and legal counsel. Levolution will perform due diligence, assuring that the project is transparent and doesn’t raise any red flags.

Q. How do you see the crypto industry changing in the next few  years, and how do you see yourself contributing to that change?

A. The crypto industry is still at a very early stage and is being experimented with in various industries. The blockchain technology is adopted by the top financial institutions worldwide because it’s a revolutionary way to track transactions and avoid fraud. We believe the technology is here to stay and will be used for many financial instruments. We see Levolution becoming the go to platform to create those instruments.

Q. What are your 3 biggest accomplishments you’d like to achieve in the coming years?

1 – Grow the network of service providers and have at least 20 high quality service providers on board.

2 – Be the number 1 token generation platform on the market.

3 – Working hand in hand with top cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Q. To summarize, why would someone participate in the Levolution project?

A. The Levolution project has reached its goals in 2019 and delivered a working platform. Moreover, representatives of the project were present at the top industry conferences this year. Attending these conferences have been very valuable to the Levolution project. They’ve given us opportunities to garner a greater understanding of what’s next for Blockchain, build valuable relationships with key contributors to each conference, and develop key partnerships with some of the conference’s contributors. As the project progresses into the new year, we expect momentous growth through the fulfillment of our Q1 and Q2 goals.

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