Shows that when Marketing to Students, Giving Discounts Can Boost Sales Shows that when Marketing to Students, Giving Discounts Can Boost Sales

College students are one of the most active consumer groups today. They are just getting out on their own and have some money to spend. Many students spend their parents’ money but others support their spending by getting part-time jobs while they are in school. Generation Z, which includes people born after 1995, is one-fourth of the US population and they’re spending over $500 billion a year. This generation has some significant differences from previous ones that marketers need to recognize.

Internet Savvy

Generation Z grew up with the internet. Many of them had basic cell phones in elementary school and iPhones before high school. They spend hours of their day online and that is where they do most of their shopping. Before they make a purchase, they read online reviews and look up information about the company on the internet. If one of their favorite influencers has advertised the product or link to it on their channel, people in this age group are likely to purchase it.


Most of the social media influencers are part of Generation Z. These young people set the trends others follow. According to, the most popular influencers can make or break a company with a single post. Business owners that get the attention of trendsetters can expect a spike in sales right away. If these new customers like the product, the business will be successful. Companies like SheerID help business owners market to students that set trends and influence others to buy products.

Regular Ads Get Ignored

Young people today have a variety of tools to help them avoid advertisements. They use ad blockers on their devices and they are less likely than any other generation to watch commercial television. In order to get the attention of this generation, companies must be authentic. Young people see through hype very easily. However, they may be entertained by a YouTube video featuring a product if the content is interesting and informative.

No Concrete Plans

Today’s youth has always had the internet at their fingertips. They have access to more information than any previous generation has and they know how to use it to their advantage. Generation Z students are less likely to have concrete plans for their future because they understand all that is available. As the Millenials who came before them, people in Generation Z have no intention of working for the same employer their entire careers. Agencies that are interested in bringing young people into the profession must understand that Preparing college students for the marketing profession takes commitment and planning.

Marketers are struggling to understand this new generation and find ways to get them interested in the field as well as find ways to sell products to them. As they get older, finish college and start their careers, the marketing profession would consider them valuable assets. Although baby boomers are still the largest generation today, Generation Z is prepared to compete with them in the amount of money spent on consumer products. Businesses that understand this and adjust their campaigns to focus on younger buyers will be rewarded with higher profits and more loyal customers.

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