Advista BioTech Eye Masks are Fashion Model Radi Budyounova’s Secret Solution to Regenerate and Revitalize Skin Cells Under the Eyes

Crow’s feet, wrinkles and bags under the eyes are three of the biggest issues individuals face as they grow older. Not only do these facial problems make you look tired, but they make you look older. In fact, you can look 10-years older than you actually are due to sagging skin. Advista BioTech has developed its all-new Eye Masks to help you combat problems that occur under the eyes using breakthrough cosmetic technology.

Advista BioTech Eye Masks debuted in September 2019 during New York Fashion Week – Couture and Luxury. Famed designer Andres Aquino introduced the gel masks at his fashion show. Attendees were fascinated with the healing gel eye masks and the results they received.

The innovative eye masks are the ultimate solution to skin problems under the eyes. Advista BioTech Eye Masks employ the concept of Silicone Gel Sheeting (SGC). The silicone sheets cover the scar area under the eyes allowing water to stay inside the skin. The hydrated skin enables cells to be renewed and healthy. Advista BioTech has included further innovation to make the sheets completely water-soluble with highest bioavailability. They provide both nutrition and water to the eye area to revive wrinkled, sagging, and damaged skin, making it look renewed in just a few weeks.

Since the eye masks debuted, the beauty-enhancing product has received praise from users all over the country. A number of celebrities including actor David Banks, Miss Talent Abby Santiago, best-selling author Dr. Morissa Schwartz, and fashion model Jessi Stringer have all used and raved about the eye masks.

“I love them!” Dr. Schwartz said. “My eyes are happy now. No dryness, no irritating tears.”

Advista BioTech Eye Masks have not only won over celebrity customers, but the cosmetic product has been honored for the results they offer. The eye masks were honored with the Best Anti-Aging Product Award in 2019 at the Asia Medical Aesthetic Exchange Association conference in Korea.

Advista BioTech Eye Masks are one of the beauty secrets of New York fashion model Radi Budyounova. The world-famous model is a brand ambassador for Advista BioTech Eye Masks and uses the product to improve the look of her skin.

Customers can order the Advista BioTech Eye Masks from Amazon ( Each order comes with 10 pieces and a bonus anti-aging serum. The combination of the eye masks and anti-aging serum provides a truly cost-effective solution to your aging eyes.

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About Advista BioTech Eye Masks

Advista BioTech Eye Masks are an innovative cosmetic product that is the ultimate solution for skin problems under the eyes. The award-winning eye masks use advanced technologies including embedded matrix elastic fiber, aqua micro-crystal gel, and human face ergonomic design to provide the ultimate healing for aging, tired eyes. A mere 40 minutes of use will have the skin feeling noticeably hydrated and smooth. Overnight use allows maximum renewal and recovery of skin cells.

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