All-new e-commerce membership platform Mr. Korb launches offering high-quality brands

Platform provides brand leftovers to members at highly reduced prices

7 January, 2020 – London, England – Counterfeit products are one of the biggest issues customers face when shopping online today. Designers and manufacturers of counterfeit goods make their products look and feel almost like the real thing, yet differences are noticeable. In 2019, The Times reported 153,000 counterfeit items had been identified on Amazon during a seven-year period. Seventy-five percent of those items came from individual sellers who had placed products onto the Amazon website.

Mr. Korb, an all-new e-commerce membership platform has officially launched selling high-quality brand-new goods seeking to eliminate the threat of counterfeit products in the marketplace. According to the founders of Mr. Korb, modern-day consumers are concerned most about brands and product quality, and the platform wants to deliver the best brands to all customers at great prices.

The e-commerce platform has collaborated with thousands of brands from around the globe. Luxury brands such as Gucci, sports giants Nike, and beauty companies such as Lancome Schwarzkopf have products that can be found on the Mr. Korb platform for members to purchase at reduced prices.

Customers are able to find brand leftovers on the Mr. Korb website for a fraction of the price. As store owners need to clear inventory to make way for the new season of goods, they can advertise their leftover products via the Mr. Korb platform. Customers can then purchase the goods at reduced prices. According to Mr. Korb’s designers, customers can receive an incredible 50% to 60% reduction in the original price.

Mr. Korb makes use of membership services to access the platform and purchase goods. There are three memberships available via Mr. Korb. The three membership types include Silver ($200), Gold ($800), and Platinum ($1,500), and each offers members annual rebates and member points for purchases. There is also a free membership allowing customers to purchase some of the high-quality products on Mr. Korb. However, the opportunities to purchase top of the line branded goods opens up with a paid membership.

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About Mr. Korb

Mr. Korb was founded by Matteo Fuhrmann, who has more than 20 years of experience in the retail and e-commerce industries. Fuhrmann has worked for eBay and was responsible for the platform’s sales business in Europe before focusing on Mr. Korb. Under the huge demand and wave of consumption upgrades, Mr. Korb relies on European quality and low-priced brands from previous seasons, as well as comprehensive global logistics and supply chain services to offer customers a unique platform. Mr. Korb lets more people buy better products at lower prices.

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