Golden Way Media Films Announced a New Fantasy Feature film Elf and Huldra in 2020

Golden Way Media Films Production in London, United Kingdom announced a new fantasy romance feature film called Elf and Huldra.

Elf and Huldra is a feature film project which will also be produced in 3 seasons TV series. It is based on Maria Johnsen’s novel “The Battle of Hulders”.

Golden Way Media films in London has several projects in production and wishes to collaborate with major film distributors, executive producers in Europe and North America in order to finance this beautiful fantasy story.

Maria Johnsen is the writer, executive producer and director of this film. She is known for The Ghost On The Bridge, Ghostware, Huldra and Photographer and Roses and Chocolates.

What Elf and Huldra is all about?

Logline: In the depth of hidden Norwegian forest a beautiful Huldra falls in love with the prince of elves. They elope with war consequences.

“Elf and Huldra is based on one of my novels. I have been writing since I was 10 years old and published 17 books. I write horror, fantasy horror and historical romance novels. In 2019 After making Huldra and Photographer short film in Trondheim, Norway which is a fantasy horror about the forest spirit, I decided to continue the story based on a lot of positive feedbacks I got from my readers, fans and followers on social media. I turned my novel the Battle of Hulders to a screenplay and called it Elf and Huldra”.

In Nordic folklore Huldra (Hulder) is a forest spirit and has different names. Many foreign countries mistake it with elf! Huldra is not en elf in Scandinavian culture, it is a seductive woman who goes to forest, seduce men and eats them. Huldra is not mermaid either. She is a Humanoid forest wesen.

“So there are some wrong information about Huldra online. Anyway, when I finished Huldra and Photographer people‘s feedback was this: ‘We are excited about watching what will happen to Huldra. We love your film, can you continue the story, Maria?’ So I decided to write a screenplay about the world of Huldra and Elves. I just want to bring a little bit of magic to the world and spread love. Currently the project is in pre-production phase and we are trying to finance it and hope to receive positive response from major film studios, private sector and executive producers,” says the producer Maria Johnsen.

About Golden Way Media Films

Golden Way Media Films is specialized in short and feature films, webseries production and commercial videos. The company was founded by Maria Johnsen in London, UK.

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