Airemos presents a revolutionary new alternative to outdated temporary framing structures

Airemos has already made over $1,000,000 in sales with its current products and earned business from some of the biggest companies in the world like Disney, Samsung, and ESPN. Thanks to their patent-pending revolutionary technology that presents a better, and cost-effective alternative to antiquated metal framing structures. Airemos creates inflatable framed structures that are light, safe and designed to save time and money in setup and transportation, compared to traditional metal structures.

Inspired by the response they received in the past four years of inception, Airemos is now developing RIFTech™ (Rapidly Inflatable Framing Technology), which will power a range of temporary framing products in the USA, employing retired veterans for manufacturing. While the event tent industry is the first target market of Airemos, its applications will expand further to military, schools, shops, trade fairs and more. This technology is aimed to overcome the shortcomings of temporary metal frame structures that are highly inconvenient, bulky, expensive and hard to setup.

With their innovative RIFTech™, Airemos will soon be constructing Air-Framed solutions for all kinds of requirements. Using proprietary modular connections, they can rapidly prototype, design, develop and manufacture the perfect Air-Frame for every client’s specific needs. It is an ultra-versatile technology that will allow rapid assembling for low-cost manufacturing, unlimited product designs using their standard components, easy DIY repairs, scalable product lines in any vertical and more.  From building air furniture, to stairs, to marine applications, the possibilities with RIFTech™ are immense.

Airemos is currently working with different industry leaders focused on Golf, Retail Activation, Resorts, Amusement Parks and Cruise Ships to develop new products to suit their requirements. They have customers from some of the biggest brands in the world including Disney, AT&T, Tent Craft, Troon Golf and Alliance Brands among others.

At the beginning stage, Airemos has presented their Air-Frame tents as a proof of concept, which basically turns thin air into a highly visible advertisement for any brand, team or cause in just 90 seconds. From this year onwards, the company plans to grow revenue streams to include OEM product wholesale, retail sales, engineering services, private label products sales etc.

Airemos is providing an opportunity for investors to become part of a promising venture with huge potential in the near future. is hosting their equity crowdfunding campaign, through which it has already raised over $40,000 with still much time to go.  Anyone can invest in Airemos for as little as $249 through the Startengine campaign and reap potential benefits in the future.

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