Explains How Enterprises Increasingly See the Value in Self-Service Data Preparation Explains How Enterprises Increasingly See the Value in Self-Service Data Preparation

Many businesses today gather vast amounts of data but end up doing very little with it. Simply having data on hand is never any guarantee of being able to organize, analyze, or act upon it. Data often has to be prepared before it can even be considered ready for use or examination. When workers become empowered to prepare data themselves, many interesting opportunities inevitably arise.

The Undeniable Importance of Preparing Data for Storage and Analysis

Business-related data takes many forms, each of which includes characteristic limitations and complications. Data obtained from one source can easily need a lot more pruning, normalization, and massaging than that acquired from another. In just about every case, though, data that is meant to promote understanding and perspective must be prepared appropriately first. Unfortunately, roadblocks found in many organizations leave raw data to languish without receiving this crucial sort of attention.

When that happens, a potentially valuable asset can end up becoming useless or worse. According to, organizations regularly end up collecting data that ultimately serves no worthwhile purpose. In a great many such cases, it will be a simple lack of preparation that allows interesting data to succumb to such a fate.

Many Workers are Well-Positioned to Help With Pre-Processing Data

Some organizations have tried to overcome this common problem by investing heavily in the services of data scientists and other specialized, highly paid professionals. Given unlimited resources, that might be an effective tactic, but it would, even then, necessitate huge amounts of spending. Even in such an inconceivable situation, requiring specialists to handle all the preparation of data would also mean creating bottlenecks and other impediments to efficiency.

A superior approach in most cases is to find ways to allow those who already come into contact with data to assist with its preparation. An article titled “DataRobot Acquires Data Preparation Startup Paxata,” for instance, detailed how one company focuses on enabling “self-service” preparation for data. Instead of setting up data scientists and the like as gatekeepers, this means allowing information to flow more naturally and seamlessly through an organization.

Organizations Everywhere Need to Find Better Ways of Preparing Data

As those who check it out online will see, there are plenty of other reasons to consider adopting such pre-processing facilities. Services like those offered by Paxata afford realistic alternatives to the centralized, overly rigid model that depends so heavily on expensive data scientists. Allowing data to be prepared in a more natural, less contrived fashion means weaving it more tightly into the everyday activities of an entire organization.

That can end up being an even more important step forward than any of those which make data available in the first place. Years ago, many organizations began emphasizing the collection of data in order to be sure of extracting anything of value that might be found in it. It has since become clear that it takes a lot more than the mere amassing of data to make the associated activity valuable. Becoming able to prepare data efficiently and organically is a natural next step for many organizations worldwide.

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