Michael H. Forde Reveals Three Tips For Having A Fulfilling New Year

Michael H. Forde Reveals Three Tips For Having A Fulfilling New Year

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January 7, 2020 – Motivational speaker and author Michael H. Forde shares with us three tips for reaching our goals and having a successful and fulfilling new year. Michael, who has a growing following on Instagram and Facebook, breaks down the tips that will take your mental growth to the text level.

“The first tip is know your purpose”, Michael says. “Knowing your purpose is the fuel for your vehicle of growth. It will allow you to move forward into a direction of consistency as well as intentionality. Without a purpose, your vehicle of growth will not move forward and your new year resolution may become an old one very quickly.”

Forde says that the second tip in having a successful 2020 is being okay with asking for help. “Asking for help should never be seen as a weakness; it should be seen as a strength. You are strong enough to know that it takes a horizontal network to move vertically. Don’t let pride get in the way of your potential; don’t let pride hinder your growth.”

The last tip, says Michael, is to “have an accountability partner for your tracked consistency”. “Teaming up with an accountability partner to track your commitment to your goals will ensure that you are staying on top of what you had originally set out to do”, he says. “It will create opportunities for clarity, connection, and focus.”

Michael gives away free copies of his book, Success Begins From Where You Are!”, on his Instagram (@michaelhforde) in an effort to share tips encourage people to continue their journey to success. Visit his Instagram to claim your free copy today!

About Michael H. Forde

Michael H. Forde is a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Graduating from high school at age 16, earning his bachelor’s degree at age 19, and obtaining a master’s degree at age 22 present as the ultimate ammunition to his personal mission of spreading the message that one’s potential is absolutely limitless.

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