ECO FRIENDLY & PROFITABLE CRYPTO-MINING: Invest Today In The Technology Of Tomorrow

ECO FRIENDLY & PROFITABLE CRYPTO-MINING: Invest Today In The Technology Of Tomorrow

Our mission is to protect nature with new technologies

Using wind, solar and hydrogen technology to operate a crypto-mining farm eco-friendly and cost-effectively. Arc Iris Hydrogen is a group of people working to develop innovative solutions in the field of water treatment and complementary forms of energy to make these technologies accessible to all. With one of its first projects, Arc Iris Hydrogen has set itself the goal of implementing a next-generation integrated project for state-of-the-art environmental-friendly cryptocurrency mining. Sustainable and proven methods are used that significantly increase the benefits for the environment as well as for the miner himself.

Our Goals

Arc Iris aims to undertake a next-gen integrated project for state-of-the-art cryptocurrency mining to make possible environmental protection through the use of alternative energy, such as wind, solar and especially hydrogen fuel cell technology. It will provide safe long-term investment with upside cryptocurrency exposure, yet secure against cryptocurrency volatility by ensuring lowest operating costs. The project envisages utilizing Hydrogen technology to power the cryptocurrency miners. We are creating a cost-effective and efficient cryptocurrency mining facility with robust infrastructure backbone. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining will be powered by Hydrogen energy with sustainable and best practices.

Cryptocurrency mining industry problems

As the cryptocurrency mining industry is moving towards its maturity phase, its future seems bright and full of amazing developments. However, cost of operations, particularly the energy consumption, is a major consideration for the entire cryptocurrency mining industry. As the energy consumption of the crypto-mining industry has reached mind-boggling proportions, it is causing a very adverse impact on the environment. This is more so due to the fact that the crypto-mining industry is energized by electricity. Moreover, electricity is produced mainly using fossil fuels. The mining concentration in countries with low social and environmental standards is further aggravating the situation. This is detrimental to the environment.

Current situation in the mining industry​:

– Extreme environmental impact

– Shortage of resources​

– Tied at locations​

– High mining yields​

– High maintenance fees​

Arc-Iris innovations​:

– No environmental impact​

– Consume no resource​s

– Flexible location choice​​

– High mining yields​

– Low maintenance fees

How can Arc IRIS solve current cryptocurrency mining problems? 

Arc Iris Hydrogen has an effective and innovative model to successfully address the current mining community’s resource, environmental and energy issues. Our system focuses on the synergy effects of solar power and the recently rediscovered energy sources, hydrogen. Hydrogen is the next energy revolution, and in many countries, such technologies are already being researched and will be the next market hype. Almost unrestricted access to these primary energy sources is a guarantee of success for our mining technology. Hydrogen can be used in almost all areas of life and protect the environment from massive CO2 emissions. Through a brilliant combination of photovoltaic and fuel cell technology, we can significantly reduce the external power input to the mining systems, making such activities much cheaper and more attractive.

We have worked out a solution which is a byproduct of structured water (hexagonal water) and it’s splitting into hydrogen and oxygen. With the help of fuel cell technology developed by us, we can now drastically reduce the share of external electricity demand and thus the external electricity costs – up to 85% energy reduction based on hydrogen technology.This saving makes mine cryptocurrencies profitable again and thus generates higher yields for mine workers.

This led to our concept of equipping fuel cell cryptocurrency server farms and offering them to our customers in the form. To make this possible, we have created a cryptocurrency ourselves – Arc Iris – ACI Coin – The Rainbow Currency. ACI Coin is based on the Scrypt POW algorithm.

Arc Iris has optimized vertical integration along the value chain to attain the best operational results and efficiency in the asset management and cryptocurrency operations. Arc Iris intends to utilize the latest blockchain technologies and environment-friendly practices for creating a sustainable organization. Arc Iris has a solid financial plan and competitive strategy. The Arc Iris team comprises of highly experienced and qualified professionals. Another advantage is a long term sustainable bond between Arc Iris and CoinKeeper.

The Revolutionary ACICoin – the direct link to ecological values.

The ACI coin is intended as a means of payment for various projects dealing with water treatment systems and hydrogen technologies and is also used for cashback programs.

In conjunction with a fast growing community and a variety of activities, the ACI Coin will quickly establish and grow in value. Buy ACI-Coin now!

Arc-Iris Wallet

Arc-Iris Wallet is a decentralized multi currency wallet for the community to offer smooth and hassle-free services. Arc Iris wallet features:

  • Safe. Private keys are stored only with the users to ensure maximum security.
  • HD Wallet. Arc Iris supports Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet which comes with 2 FA. HD wallet, based on 12-word master seed key and random 128 bit value system, brings extra security against attacks.

  • CCSS. The Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS) involves 10 security aspects to ensure that customer transactions and cryptocurrencies are held to high levels of transparency and security.

  • Cold storage. It keeps the private keys offline and goes online with a watching-only wallet.

  • Multiple digital asset. Arc Iris supports ACI, BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, and all ECR20 tokens. More digital assets are continuously added.

  • Paper wallet. Arc Iris supports paper wallet.

Arc Iris wallet will be launched in January 2020. 

Arc Iris wallet comes with 500 ACI Coins for the first 10,000 downloads

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