Ca Phe Ong Bi Coffee Announces Its Collection Of High-Quality Coffee Made In Vietnam

Coffee drinkers now have an excellent option in Ca Phe Ong Bi Coffee. The coffee has been grown in one of the best regions of the world and then prepared with care and love by professionals

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Cà Phê Ông Bi is taking coffee drinking to a whole new level with their collection of delicious and expertly created coffee made in Vietnam.

There are three options available including Culi Robusta, Robusta, and Arabica. Each product offers an exceptional and unique experience that makes it easy for coffee lovers to enjoy their day in the simplest and most appreciable way.

Cà Phê Ông Bi Coffee is characterized by a strong bitter taste and mild aroma that sets it apart from other coffee options available in the market. It’s also the reason why more people are considering making it the primary option of a beverage for their relaxation time.

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Cà Phê Ông Bi Coffee is grown in the famous Cau Dat area, in Vietnam. What makes this area the perfect place to grow quality coffee is because it is 1,400m above sea level. Also known as highland Arabica, the area is rich in basalt red soil and combined with the ideal climate for passionate, sweet Arabica coffee.

The sour taste and unique aromatic feel is also a big reason why many people chose this coffee brand. Even Starbucks has been offering its customers since 2016 and it has become a favorite among coffee lovers around the world.

For those who love strong coffee, they can go for the Cà Phê Ông Bi Robusta Natural Coffee. It has about 2.5% caffeine content, bitter taste, and mild aroma. That’s why it is advisable to mix it before drinking.

Coffee drinkers can also choose the Culi Robusta option. The beans have been well prepared and made in a way to satisfy drinkers, no matter their desire. Every Cà Phê Ông Bi Coffee has been prepared under natural conditions, without any chemical additions. The coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with friends, family, and colleagues.

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