Local SEO Specialist, Local Viking, Announces New GMB Post Software

Local SEO Specialist, Local Viking, Announces New GMB Post Software

Hanover, PA – Local Viking is a software that has been developed based on the combined experience of a team that has spent several years building and developing local search engine optimization skills. The software boasts of having helped several clients to achieve their local search engine optimization goals using a combination of the industries’ best practices, latest technologies, tools, and overall advanced skills. As a leading software geared towards search engine optimization, Local Viking takes pride in the quality of services and features offered and the team behind the GMB posting software continues to expand on its features to better cater to their client’s needs. 

Announcing the launch of the Local Viking GMB post software, the spokesperson for the team of developers and SEO specialists, Chaz, said, “We’ve managed, optimized, and ranked thousands of Google My Business listings in our own digital agencies and quickly realized the software solutions on the market were overpriced and underwhelming. In 2017, we started building Local Viking to handle all of our GMB posting needs and it wasn’t long before we had integrated GMB reviews, photos, attribute editing and more. Now, Local Viking is one of the most popular GMB software management platforms on the market and we manage over 50,000 listings globally.”

With the launch of the GMB posting software, Local Viking will now be providing more agencies with the desired one-stop solutions to all of their GMB problems. The GMB management software makes scheduling of GMB Posts, Tracking of Snack Pack Rankings, and Management of all Google My Business Properties easier. What’s more, is that all of the management solutions are offered on one dashboard, as this makes it easier for businesses to track their progress and makes reporting a lot easier.

As part of the features on the GMB post software, the Local Viking Google My Business posting management platform also offers a Geogrid rank tracker that brings a variety of proprietary technology to the local rank tracking and visibility space. The geospatial data contained on the software is both performance-optimized and aesthetically plotted onto the map so that users can visualize their 3-pack ranking at the most granular level, in addition to GPS coordinates within a configurable distance from one another.

The GMB management software also boasts of a business review management feature that allows businesses to measure their success against their online visibility. The online business review management, however, focuses on tracking responses and diligently rectifies unfortunate situations that may have affected the positive ranking of the client’s online business.

Taking security to the next level, the GMB management software from Local Viking also boasts of a location attribute monitoring and protection, that protects user’s GMB listings from malicious user edits, nefarious suggested edits, as well as negative GMB SEO.

Users of the Local Viking’s GMB post-management software are also exposed to fair pricing on all of the service packages that are right for their particular needs. 

Local Viking is headquartered in Hanover, PA. To take advantage of the GMB post-management software, contact their team via phone at (888) 878-2023 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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