Lloyds Medical Offers Innovative ‘inviXible’ Beauty Treatment in Singapore

Lloyds Medical Offers Innovative \'inviXible\' Beauty Treatment in Singapore

Singapore – The aesthetic clinician team at Lloyds Medical is pleased to offer cutting-edge beauty treatments to Singapore. The aesthetic clinic in Orchard has engineered its ‘inviXible’ procedures through a combination of experience, innovation, and expertise in science and technology for medical aesthetics services.

The team at Lloyds Medical coined the term ‘inviXible’ to capture the promise of natural allure. This clinic uses cutting-edge science and technology to draw out a client’s X-factor so that their beauty within shines on the outside, too. Their technologies and techniques position the clinic at the forefront of innovative, new strategies in medical aesthetics.

Lloyds Medical has made it a mission to provide the best services all under the same roof. Their wide range of specialisations speaks to the education and experience they boast as a team. With hundreds of satisfied clients, this company continues to strive for versatility in their ‘inviXible’ services and offerings.

Clients can see doctors at Lloyds Medical for aesthetic clinic services ranging from rejuvenation to fat reduction. For the body, the company offers fat reduction and body toning services. For the skin, they provide rejuvenation; minimise or erase the appearance of acne scars, pores, age spots, and sunspots; and supply skin hydration formulas and treatments. They also deal effectively with lines and wrinkles and can even perform a skin lift. Facial enhancement and skin maintenance are two of their most popular inviXible services.

Dr. Frank Lee, the practitioner of Lloyds Medical, studied aesthetic medicine to find better methods of natural beauty enhancement. His life’s work is to find or innovate treatments that are minimally or non-invasive. His devotion to the craft has taken him from Australia to the USA, Europe, and Korea as he continues to discover the most up-to-date technologies and practices. He shares the knowledge and skills he has developed to provide clients with subtle beauty treatments that enhance natural beauty and instill confidence.

Interested clients can reach out to Dr. Frank Lee at Lloyds Medical by visiting their website. The clinic is excited to bring innovative new ‘inviXible’ techniques to Singapore, so their clients can look and feel more confident in their skin.

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