Moshe Silberberg Garners Worldwide Attention as Renowned Fashion Buyer for RIJOUX

Silberberg has attended dozens of international fashion events from around the world.


Tel Aviv, Israel – Moshe Silberberg is gaining attention from around the world as RIJOUX’s most renowned fashion buyer.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Moshe Silberberg is the most trending fashion buyer for internationally acclaimed boutique retail stores, RIJOUX, RIJOUX Kids, and RIJOUX e-shop.  With a proven history of success, Silberberg is responsible for liaising with suppliers, monitoring sales performance, adhering to market trends, and managing budgets.

“As a fashion buyer for RIJOUX, my career has taken me to many incredible places around the world and has enabled me to meet a tremendous amount of wonderful people,” says Silberberg.  “I am so fortunate to be a part of the fashion world in such a capacity, and to see how my contributions are impacting the industry.”

In his prestigious role as fashion buyer, Silberberg effortlessly takes on a host of important roles, including but not limited to:

  • Planning and selecting a range of high-end designers to sell in-store
  • Brand acquisition including establishing and maintaining relationships with designer brands
  • Working with a variety of suppliers to ensure store carries high-end brands, such as Camilla, Eton, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Victoria Beckham, to name a few
  • Consistent market monitoring to identify new trends to carry in RIJOUX.

In addition to these responsibilities, it is also critical for Silberberg to attend numerous international fashion weeks around the world, including Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, New Zealand Fashion Week, Tbilisi Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tibilisi, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ukraine, Mercedes Bens Moscow Fashion Week, Athens Xclusive Designers Week, Hera Seoul Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, and Riga Fashion Week.

Silberberg has attended such prestigious events and fairs as MoMad Madrid, White Milano, Promos, Inbuyer L’Export Nella Tua Citta, Promos Italia, Evening Dresses Show and the Italian Fashion Awards. He has also been selected in many of the fashion weeks to be one of the jury members and help select the next emerging talents in fashion.

Silberberg admits that his company stands out from other more traditional retail outlets for a number of reasons. RIJOUX boutiques are located at two of Tel Aviv’s legacy 5-star hotels in recognition of the fact that many people plan on shopping as part of their vacation. As a result, RIJOUX has very much of an international client base.

Additionally, the company is what Silberberg likes to call “customer led.”

“We focus on stocking what our customers want or need, rather than what we think they want,” says Silberberg. “There’s a big difference.”

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About the Company

RIJOUX is an expansive family boutique business based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that spans three generations.  The company works directly with suppliers to find the most luxurious and trending designs for their upscale shops.

RIJOUX items includes not only the top brands and important Italian Fashion houses (Van Laack, Blumarine, Scervino, Versace, Missoni, Etrom, etc.) but also emerging designers and new talents from different countries such as Greece, Georgia, Korea, Spain, Latvia and Ukraine, to make for diverse and exciting collections to choose from.

Under Silberberg’s direction, the company believes in a customer-led approach, with a personal touch and immaculate service.

For more information about RIJOUX, please visit the company’s website at

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