2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States: The world is so large, let’s take a look with ABUP

As the first technology event of the year, the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially kicked off in Las Vegas on January 7. ABUP will debut with its own product line, that is OTA+ Smart Diagnosis of Internet of Automobile and Internet of Things OTA platform schedule, at booth NO.2817. Senior management and product line leaders of ABUP have been on the scene to give full support for their products.


Of course the world is so large that we want to view its look. With the help of the big stage of CES in the United States, ABUP hopes to connect with more overseas manufacturers, deeply understand customer demands, serve customers well, together “keep pace with the times and create a future with intelligentce fully”.


The CES has always been a vane of the global technology industry and an important event for manufacturers to disclose the latest products and technologies and to gain insight into the dynamics of the industry. The theme of this year’s US CES includes 5G communications and Internet of things, self-driving cars and automotive technology, health care, wearables, smart home life, artificial intelligence with robots, blockchain, and more.


Internet of Automobile and the Internet of Things are still hot topics and they are the main thrust of ABUP. As a leading technology service provider in the domestic field of OTA, in the period of more than two years, ABUP has been involved in cooperation with a number of mainstream car factories, chip manufacturers, brand manufacturers and other projects, enabling products to have the ability to do the upgrade iterations continuously. Practical project cases, listed models, and smart terminal products in various services industries are the best proof of ABUP’s achievements. At present, more than 700 partners have chosen the products and services of ABUP, the service field covers smart car, smart wear, smart car, shared bicycle, POS machine, smart TV, M2M module, VR/AR, OTT box and other industry applications.

At the ABUP booth, OTA+ Smart Diagnosis of Internet of Automobile and Internet of Things OTA platform schedule show the world the product and cooperation results of ABUP’s independent research and development, and the importance and urgency of software upgrading for smart products.

OTA+ Smart Diagnosis of Internet of Automobile:more stable, more secure, more convenient

In the field of automobile, the Software Defined Automobile has become the trend of the times, the whole automobile industry is gradually developing towards the deep intelligent networking, and more new products, new services and new models will come into existence. OTA, as the standard match of the intelligent network automobile and the star effect brought by Tesla, has received special attention from the host factory.

After a few years of dedicated research and development and the accumulation of practical projects, the car OTA program provided by ABUP has served more than a dozen mainframe factories such as SAIC General Motors, SAIC Volkswagen, Great Wall Motor, JAC Automobile, AIWAYS Automobile, Sokon and so on, details among them include more than 25 kinds of car models, providing services for more than 30 parts supplier totally, and the number of access equipment reaching 1 million. The collision of ideas with the car factory engineer when we implemented the project let us have a new understanding and recognition of the car OTA. In 2019, ABUP performed a comprehensive optimization of the Automotive OTA program to meet the evolving market demand, summarizing it as “more stable, more secure, and more convenient”.

ABUP combined with multiple vehicle OTA project implementation experience, standing at the vehicle OTA system level height, put forward 15 solutions and design proposals to ensure a more stable and more secure system upgrade. That mainly means that ABUP will continue to work with security programmers and a security vulnerability sharing platform needs to be provided by them. OTA, as a capability channel, integrates the OTA system with the security vulnerability sharing platform deeply, and finally achieve a more secure car. According to the problems of multiple tasks and high cost of an upgrade and the complicated operation on OTM HMI designed by suppliers, ABUP follows the principle that thinking about the users’ using scene is always the top priority to make the OTA experience easier.

At the same time, around the intelligent network automobile, ABUP launched the car cloud diagnosis solution, going with the car OTA upgrade solution, and opened the whole link of the car digital service and the whole life cycle management. With the increasing degree of vehicle intelligence, the degree of diagnostic maintenance intelligence needs to be improved correspondly. ABUP’s product has now iterated to the intelligent auxiliary diagnosis stage. Intelligent auxiliary diagnosis refers to when the vehicle failure occurs, the cloud platform automatically carries on the fault cause analysis to the faulty vehicle and provides conductive maintenance suggestion, records the maintenance process in the knowledge base, forms the accumulation and makes the diagnosis maintenance easier, faster and more intelligent. In 2020, ABUP will raise requirements according to the car factory’s diagnosis: how to unify the management of diagnostic data, diagnostic functions, diagnostic scenarios; how to better improve the diagnostic maintenance efficiency, and ABUP will also cooperate with the car factory to provide better solutions.

Internet of things OTA platform: easier access, lower cost

2019, ABUP concentrates on polishing the IoT OTA self-help platform. On this platform, customers can implement a self-help process from registeirng, downloading standard compilation chain, integration, producing difference package, deploying policy to paying. Any questions can be answered via a small instructional video and a smart customer service agent. In order to better reduce the cost of customers, ABUP also proposed different product deployment schemes for different customer types, creating privatization deployment schemes with big data and standard cloud deployment schemes, as well as cloud-to-cloud docking solutions to achieve customization for customers at different levels of demand.

The fragmentation of OTA will be addressed to a large extent, providing customers with a more standardized end-to-cloud complete OTA solution; further lowering thethreshold to ensure fast, simple, and low-cost access. The differential OTA upgrade technology adaptation chip platforms accumulate more than 350 and the accumulation on the end is booming, it will make the standardization and scale of differential OTA applied rapidly.

In 2020, ABUP will continue to strength the research and development of OTA technology, and integrate it with safety, AI, block chain and other technologies to continuously provide customers with professional, stable and secure OTA services. Open and self-help platform can steer to safety more IOT equipment and manufacturers. As a professional OTA service provider, ABUP is triggered by the application scene of the core industries such as automobile, industry, consumer electronics and so on, and integrates OTA into these industrial chains deeply to construct a more complete OTA digital operation system to help customers realize the software upgrade application value. Meanwhile, ABUP has expanded her horizons to the overseas, strengthening her service to overseas customers and global OTA capability through knowing about the world.

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