ORTA, a world-famous mine, is building a new generation of BTC mines in Russia

ORTA, one of the world’s leading mining companies, has set up mines in Russia and is committed to creating the world’s top mines with AI edge chips and low prices to launch the OMF Mine Fund, Orta said of its choice of Russia

1. Russia is rich in natural resources and low in energy prices. It has laid a solid foundation for heavy industry since the Soviet era

2. Because of the development of heavy industry in the Soviet era, a lot of production facilities have been built, but now there is excess capacity, they have no supply-side reform, and a lot of energy is wasted. Together with the local miners to build the community and so on, it can be said that people have ready-made basic hardware framework, waiting for us to dig.

In 2017, the domestic Bitcoin proof-of-work mechanism (one of the mining principles) consumed more than 40 terawatts of electricity. Only look at 40 feel very little, but the back of the unit is TERAWATT AH!

One terawatt to the power of 10 to the power of 12 watts, that’s one trillion watts, that’s 1 trillion kilowatt hours, and 40 terawatts is 40 trillion kilowatt hours!

Funded by ORTA, which hopes to become Russia’s largest edge chip mine in 2021, ORTA has set up a mining fund in the United States that radiates the world through the United States.

The traditional computing method of BTC is greatly improved by edge computing, and the mining ability of BTC is greatly enhanced.

The MINE’s Omf, known as the Fund, is a global blockchain FUND for bitcoin mining that integrates the world’s best sources of electricity, such as Russia’s mines, uSING EDGE COMPUTING AI chips to build cheaper, safer and smarter mining machines, to build the world’s leading mining base, and to realize multidimensional product revenues through BITCOIN AI quantitative trading.

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