SAS Global Community Alliance held in Bangkok on 6th of January

SAS is verified by SEC (US Securities Regulatory Commission) ,registration CIK 0001773898。With its advanced technology, high speed TPS throughput and perfect ecosystem, it has gained huge support and love from majority of fans. Just on 6th of January at noon, fans from USA, UK, China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and ten different other countries assemble in Bangkok to witness the value of SAS in future, presented by the representative of SAS Public Chain Laboratory Development from London, United Kingdom, and also future layout of 3D game presented by game developer from United State.  Hence, the project has received an overwhelming response from the players for its rigorous, pragmatic yet understate attitude towards implementing the project, and began to anticipate the blueprint coming in future.

According to the presentation of the project, SAS Public Chain Ecosystem is the first to achieve million-level of TPS after two years of development and billions of investments. This is an unprecedented initiative. And with the great effort from skillful technical team as well as a flawless plan layout, SAS has successfully been certified by SEC (US Securities Regulatory Commission), which raises credibility and confidence for the company. Since SAS Public Chain provides a wide range of applications and value of commercial landing that unleash huge potential for variety of fields such as bancassurance, crypto-social, global payment, exchange, game and many more, it has reached an agreement with several major consortia from Europe and America for preliminary cooperation. Hence, SAS may become public chain benchmark of commercial applications for its effectiveness in token economy and place itself a significant role in leading 3.0 era of public chain.


At the same time, the representative of 3D mobile game “Star Journey” states that SAS tech is by far the only public chain that’s able to carry the mass of the game. “Star Journey “is the first blockchain combat mobile game in the world that preserves with the concept of decentralized. It creates a big fuss in game industry in less than a year and becomes the hottest game for many gamers in the world. This is very inspiring! He states that the attentive research & development and creation during this time have not been wasted, and it is enough to prove that their bold attempt and breakthrough is right.

Other than that, the party has also released good news to the player on that day – The 3rd “Star Journey” 3D Blockchain Application Summit in Dubai will be launched in 2020 and it’s opened for all the players. Any players that successfully fulfil the requirements is eligible to participate in full-day Summit in Dubai, and also a chance to visit the exquisite Dubai’s Palace Downtown, as well as joining the Royal Dance Party Dinner.

The conference ends successfully. The organizer appeals all the players to follow and advance together to witness the legend of SAS. SAS public chain is bound to create a new milestone in brand new year of 2020, become an unavoidable trend no matter in Western or Eastern.

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