New Zealand BEGGI launches world’s first massage nasal washer

The increasing number of rhinitis patients has aroused people’s attention to nasal cleaning. Washing noses with nasal washing water can not only clean the nasal cavity comprehensively, but also effectively eliminate inflammation and sterilization, which has become the most common way to prevent and improve rhinitis. However, the bulky hand feel, inconvenient use and slightly uncomfortable nose washing experience are the stereotypes of many consumers for nasal washers.

Recently, BEGGI, New Zealand’s leading brand for rhinitis that has become popular in China with the launch of the world’s first external application nasal cream, launched the latest development of the world’s first smart pulse hand-held nasal washer “smart whale”. The reporter learned that BEGGI’s new nasal washer subverts the simple, direct, and rude nasal washing method of traditional nasal washers by using the core technology of smart pulse, and provides rhinitis patients with massage-like nasal washing enjoyment, with a brand new nose care concept of “maintenance first and washing later”, effectively eliminating the rhinitis problems.

It is reported that the R & D team and design team of New Zealand’s leading brand for rhinitis BEGGI have successfully launched the world’s first smart pulse nasal washer “smart whale” after years of efforts recently. The reporter learned that as soon as this kind of nasal washer was officially launched in the world, it has become one of the new products with the highest attention in the field of rhinitis due to its innovative advantages such as “black technology” and “high level of appearance”.

The reporter learned that smart pulse technology is the biggest highlight of this nasal washer. For the shortcomings of the old-style electric hand-held nasal washers, which are simple and rough, and easy to damage the nasal mucosa, “smart whale” bring a gentle and comfortable massage to the nasal cavity with the softer and more stable intelligent pulse water discharge technology, which can effectively relieve the discomfort caused by the initial nasal washing and continuous irrigation, and make the water flow into the nasal cavity easily and comfortably, making a nourishing and rejuvenated deep spa for the nasal cavity.

In addition to helping beginners get through the adaptation period of nasal washing with ease, the smart whale nasal washer of BEGGI also puts forward a brand new nose care concept of “maintenance first and washing later” nasal care. The reporter learned that people who wash their nasal for the first time only need to select the P-level pulse mode of the BEGGI nasal washer, then they can activate damaged nasal mucosa, improve the physiological activity of nasal mucosa, and promote the regeneration of dead nasal mucosa, so as to restore the swollen nasal mucosa to its natural state, and establish tolerance to the initial nasal washing, which is called “maintenance first”; After the adaptation period, users can choose the most suitable level to wash the nasals according to their own nasal capacity, and massage the nasal mucosa, so as to make the blood circulation in the nasal cavity achieve a healthier state, which is called “washing later”. In the meantime, “smart whale” nasal washer also integrates the big data of tens of millions of rhinitis patients, analyzes the big data investigation results of rhinitis patients by AI intelligent chip, so as to control the frequency band of the motor more accurately and effectively, and give the most effective help to different types of rhinitis patients.

In addition to the smart pulse black technology, the high level of appearance of BEGGI “smart whale” nasal washer is also a bright spot that attracts consumers’ attention and praise. “Small and smooth machine body design, and the equipment of intelligent LCD display, make this nose washer a combination of technology and fashion.” A senior industry insider commented, “its design of portable wireless charging, 30-day long endurance and other details is unique among the nasal washing products, and it will certainly lead to a new trend in the consumption of nasal washing products all over the world.”

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