XT.com Exchange, the First Socialized Digital Asset Exchange in the World

XT.com is the world’s first socialized exchange under the business environment where users are decentralized and dynamic. The platform integrates the functions of real-time K-line trend observation that helps users to determine the best trading opportunity, user wisdom pooling, exploration of value coins, and etc, and realizes a rapid and cohesive accumulation of active users. At present, XT has gathered 7+ million investment users in the world, with a daily average of 5 billion USD stable trading volume, this is business model provides a new direction for the whole industry.

Digital asset trading is a market that is growing rapidly at a global scale. As the “transit station” of transaction, the existence of exchange plays an important role in the cryptocurrency economic system, and that earns a huge market potential for the exchanges themselves. But according to the data on SimilarWeb, the overall popularity of the trading industry continues to decline. The traffic growth of Okex, Binance and Huobi, the three cryptocurrency exchange giants, slowed down significantly.

Technical service providers have lowered the threshold for investment and construction of exchanges, and tens of thousands of exchanges have sprung up. Although there are many exchanges in the whole industry, they are seriously homogenized and lack of user precipitation and trading depth. What the users care about most is the trading results and trading experience. Even the top three exchanges are facing problems such as the decline of user viscosity, the slow growth of traffic, and the urgent need for incremental market development caused by the serious homogenization of the industry.

To break the present and seek development, we must replace the homogenization with a new model. While the industry leaders are mostly talking about how to compete for traffic, what’s actually be competed for is the stock market. In the future, the foothold of the exchange should be to surpass the existing traffic, compete for the incremental market and cultivate user loyalty. The key to achieve this goal is to cluster popularity.

In the environment where users are decentralized, a trading platform is likely to become the black horse of the exchange industry if it can introduce social functions that closely links people together, socialize the trading process through enabling effective communication, transform traditional closed business management into openness, and realize a broader business connection. At present, this socialized trading mode has been pioneered in the world. It is the XT exchange, invested by many famous overseas enterprises such as FIBTCLTD, with its headquarters in Hong Kong.(official website: https://www.xt.com/)

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XT exchange cooperates with BiYong, the world’s leading blockchain social platform, to build user groups and communities based on the social business platform, directly connect and aggregate users, and share online services and content. Users can chat, obtain information and trade in the community at the same time. The platform provides arena for wisdom sharing, viewpoints collision and information exchange, enables both senior and novice investors to get the most real-time and valuable investment information and complete the transaction in a timely and fast manner.

The characteristics of XT exchange’s socialized mode includes:

  1. XT users can grasp the specific information of any watched digital currency, community trends, transaction pairs, market trends, investment suggestions, etc. in real time, and control the time from understanding currency messages to the completion of investment purchase to the shortest time span;
  2. Users can see the K-line trend of various trading pairs real time in the chatting interface, research by themselves or gather the wisdom of many senior investors, and judge the best trading opportunity;
  3. Users conduct real time trading while chatting and socializing. The socialized exchange also supports secure login with the fastest speed.
  4. XT also realizes the storage function of conventional exchange digital wallet in social software.

After several months of operation, XT ecosystem now has 7 + million users global wide, with daily trading volume stable at about 5 billion USD, and the number of users has stepped into the ranks of the world’s top exchanges. The marketing flow created by socialization is exponential, because socialization is not only aggregation, but also makes a group form its own conscious cohesion. In order to meet the global operation needs, XT exchange has set headquarters in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and other countries and regions.

The successful innovation of XT socialized trading mode is not only the victory of XT, it also creates a platform for the global cryptocurrency transaction participants.

In addition to the unique new model of community trading, what other aspects of XT are worth looking forward to?

According to the official website, XT trading varieties include 300 + trading pairs, 100 + mainstream currencies and six trading areas. The trading methods include cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading, currency to fiat trading, interest free leverage, contract trading and OTC trading, the rich trading options makes XT an equal rival of the tycoon exchanges. Observing from another approach, only an active and large scale trading market can ensure that the seller can sell at a competitive price, and the buyer can bid at a higher price, so as to produce a fair and balanced market price. After comparing the trading depth of XT, we can find that its real trading depth exceeds 90% of the exchanges, including the three major BHO exchanges.

In summation, XT’s innovation is like a new found continent for the trading industry. The waves wash away the sand, reveals the real gold. The whole digital asset exchange industry is in full bloom, and the market is full of opportunities for real innovative and unique transactions to emerge from the surge.

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