Dr. Daryl D. Green Provides Invaluable Insight on Early Retirement in 2020

Dr. Daryl D. Green Provides Invaluable Insight on Early Retirement in 2020
Strategic advice for Baby Boomers and GenXers who hate their jobs

Knoxville, TN – Management strategist, recognized researcher and author Dr. Daryl D. Green is an expert on contemporary issues that impact individuals, businesses, and societies across the nation. One of the issues of which Dr. Green is acutely aware is the fact that many Americans are unhappy at work but don’t see any hope for early retirement due to their financial situation.

“There are millions of Baby Boomers and GenXers out there who hate their jobs and dream of retiring early but think they have no chance of doing so,” says Dr. Green. “When you feel that you’re trapped in a job that you don’t want, this can have a negative effect on all aspects of your life including your physical and mental health.”

Research shows that many Baby Boomers do not have enough saved for their retirement due to a lack of preparation, on-and-off employment, and the stock market decline of 2008 to 2009. In fact, the Insured Retirement Institute reports that 45% of Boomers have no retirement savings whatsoever.

“Having to rely totally on social security checks makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle,” adds Dr. Green. “But the other issue is that much as they want to leave their jobs, most people don’t want to do nothing and just sit at home after they retire.”

An award-winning speaker and author with more than 30 books published, he has written a book on the topic of early retirement, Mapping Out Early Retirement: 13 Job Exit Strategies for 2020:

“My book will show you how you can retire early by using the right kind of strategy. But I also provide some insight on how you can ‘reboot’ yourself; in other words, reinvent yourself and pursue a totally different career or occupation.”

Dr. Green is available to make presentations to company employees on how to develop a viable exit strategy for retirement.

About Dr. Green

Dr. Daryl Green provides consulting, guidance, and management training for today’s business leaders. He is the Dickinson Chair at Oklahoma Baptist University. In 2016, he retired as a Senior Engineer and Program Manager with the Department of Energy. With over 25 years of management experience, he has been noted and quoted by USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and Associated Press. 

For more information about Dr. Green, visit www.darylgreen.org. And to reach Dr. Green for media interviews or presentations to your company, please contact him at +1 (865) 719-7239 or [email protected].

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