Announcing the Groundbreaking “Unconditional Basic Income” for Everyone – Worldwide

Income is given as a blockchain and cryptocurrency named GLOBAL.

Los Angeles, CA – Starting spring 2020, the new all-in-one Internet platform, Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network (ELC), will offer all users an Unconditional Basic Income in the amount of $2,000 per month.

The Unconditional Basic Income is based on Easy Life & Community & Blockchain Network’s own blockchain and cryptocurrency named GLOBAL.  This is the first and only cryptocurrency in the history of the world to be given away.  It works by providing one-time registered users of the platform, private individuals, as well as companies, with 50 GLOBAL automatically credited to their user account every month.  Since one GLOBAL equals the value of one gram of gold, the Unconditional Basic Income distributed to all users amounts to approximately $2,000 per month.

The all-in-one Internet platform, ELC, includes many additional advantageous features, such as purchase price refunds of up to 100% for all products and services that are paid in fiat currencies, participation in the advertising revenue and, of course, the monthly Unconditional Basic Income for all.  All of this is provided by the Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc. in New York, USA.  The initiator and director of the company is the Austrian, Mario Eduard Giovanelli.

All companies worldwide, especially those that are sustainable, human ecologically and biologically oriented, are invited to accept GLOBAL in their local stores and / or in the platform’s online shop, thereby gaining access to a new billion-dollar market.

To make it easier for companies to start and switch to GLOBAL, it is possible to only accept 25% of the sales price in GLOBAL and to offer the remaining amount in the desired fiat currency.  In addition, companies can pass on the contact details of their suppliers to Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc., which will contact the suppliers themselves to try and acquire them as partners.

This unique partnership provides companies a great opportunity to pay for their costly merchandise with GLOBAL.  The purchase price refund, in the case of payments in fiat currency, also applies to companies and does not cost the business member a single cent.  It is realized exclusively through granted community discounts using the holding company’s own Re-Investment Program.

Every customer, private individuals, as well as companies can use their Unconditional Basic Income in the future and pay with GLOBAL in the online shop or in local stores of our business members.  Any partial or total payment in fiat currency is automatically added to the Purchase Price Refund Program.  This way, a member can get back up to 100% of the purchase price.

At the time of the official release of the Internet-Portal and the start of the distribution of the Unconditional Basic Income in later spring 2020, the Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc. will perform an IPO (initial public offering according to Reg A) or a reverse merger in the USA.  Until then, interested large-scale investors will be offered a highly profitable pre-IPO investment.

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