Discusses How Remote Workers Will Help a Law Firm Discusses How Remote Workers Will Help a Law Firm

The number of remote workers has been climbing steadily over the years, and now there’s no reason the legal industry can’t take advantage of this trend. Remote work has the potential to help law firms deliver improved services in many ways. According to, it can help improve worker productivity, attract more qualified candidates, create more efficient collaboration among team members, increase employee dependability, and reduce the money being spent on in-office expenses. 

Also, with the knowledge that Survey: 54% Of Law Firms Companies Plan To Expand Legal Teams In Next Six Months, jumping on the “remote work” bandwagon can help to facilitate this growth. Some of the opportunities that are going to be opened up to a law firm upon using legal staffing agencies, such as the Lawyer Exchange, to find remote workers are listed here. Understanding what these are can be beneficial for any law firm considering this option.

No Distractions Mean Increased Productivity

Hiring remote workers mean they have the ability to pick their own environments that they know will help them be more productive. According to some research, the ability for a remote worker to be productive comes down to them having the flexibility to work when they are at their most productive levels, and the ability to put in additional hours when needed while having access to a workspace where they know they will be distraction-free. This environment leads to higher levels of productivity. 

Ability to Attract the Best Talent

Another benefit offered by using remote workers is that it is an attractive job perk and it can help a company find the best talent out there. There are several reasons that a candidate may like the idea of working remotely. For example, they can work when they want and where they like, they can also save money by avoiding the commute or purchasing lunch and cups of coffee each day. When a law firm opts for remote workers, it can increase its talent pool immensely. In fact, rather than being limited to the local area, the law firm now has access to individuals around the globe. The possibility of finding someone that has the talent and ability to handle the job grows significantly.

Improved Team Collaboration

In a recent survey of remote workers, it was discovered that up to 98 percent of all respondents believed that working anywhere they like would boost their productivity and 92 percent stated that video collaboration tools helped to improve teamwork. Thanks to modern tools such as Trello, Skype, and Slack, the ability to collaborate with other team members is easier than it has ever been in the past. Use these tools and see productivity skyrocket.

Reduced Rates of Absenteeism

When some employees continue to call in sick, it’s not that they are too sick to work, but that they are sick of the office environment. In fact, 78 percent of workers aren’t actually sick when they call in. They only do this because of stress, personal needs, or family issues. Remote work opportunities eliminate this. 

If a law firm is searching for ways to grow and expand, they should consider remote workers. The benefits these workers offer are vast. Try it out to see how it works.

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