Says Indian Clothes Are Rising in Popularity Says Indian Clothes Are Rising in Popularity

When it is time for a wardrobe upgrade, it’s not just the women who should be looking for amazing, Indian-inspired items. In fact, Indian men buy more clothes online than women: new survey says. With this in mind, get to know some of the latest and greatest fashion styles out of India that are available for purchase right now.

Statement Earrings

India is a place where jewelry isn’t just worn but is celebrated by both men and women, according to However, this year, big earrings are going to be the statement of choice. The truth is, large earpieces will always look great on women, and wearing statement earrings can help make a huge difference in a person’s look. Large earrings are set to completely replace virtually any accessory a woman currently has, and Indian clothes are going to remain at the top of the list both in the East as well as the West.


Respecting a person’s family, where they come from, and their culture is now in. This fact (among others) has made the use of family heirlooms a fashion style. If a person really thinks about it, this fashion statement makes sense. What better way to combine new dresses with all the antique jewelry and old sarees that their grandmother or mother used to wear? In fact, modern silk dresses work well with old, family jewelry. This offers a great way to put together the perfect attire for an upcoming special event, such as a wedding.


In the fashion world, there is a widespread prediction that adding a few feathers to any outfit is going to be a trend that continues to grow in popularity in the coming year. In fact, there are some industry experts that have stated that adding features to an outfit will bring about a positive vibe. Feathers can be added to a saree or a lehenga, which is available to purchase at this website. Also, lighter feathers with matching colors are going to bring out the chic look of any outfit while helping a person stay updated with the latest fashion trends going on today.

Long Jackets and Palazzos

The palazzo is extremely comfortable to wear, and it looks great. Another popular trend is the use of long jackets. Fashion designers that come summertime, these two items are going to be huge.

Modern palazzos can combine with long jackets to create a fashion trend that is already pretty popular in western culture. However, they also have a more desi vibe. For example, when paired with crop tops, which can be purchased from brands like Lashkaraa, a matching combination of elegance and class is created.

As anyone can see, the Indian-inspired fashion options are vast. Each one brings something unique to the table and offers a look that is not only unique but also fashion-forward. Consider shopping some of the accessories this year when buying new wardrobe items and creating unique and fun outfits that also turn heads.

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