Dora, FL Locals Celebrate the New Year with Latin Cuisines

Dora, FL Locals Celebrate the New Year with Latin Cuisines

All across the globe, people celebrate New Year’s Eve in their own, unique ways. However, there is nowhere in the world where people love to party and celebrate more than in Latin America. Even if a person doesn’t live there, though, they can enjoy the dishes and traditions of this colorful and vibrant culture. For those who live in Dora, FL, that is no different. Keep reading to learn about some customs and foods that can add a bit of Latin flair to any New Year’s celebration.

To recreate Reveillion in Dora, Florida, the first step may be to reach out to the pros from a service such as FRANCISCA RESTAURANT. However, in addition to the food, planning parades, concerts, and fireworks will help make the celebration complete. During the celebration, consider dressing in white and observing some of the other traditions and rituals, such as lighting candles and sending them to sea in a boat as an offering to Iemanja, who is the goddess of the sea.

However, what really matters is the food. In fact, food plays a crucial role in the traditions of this country. For example, lentils are prepared to ensure good health, while fish and pork are eaten as an entrée. If a person wants to ensure cash comes their way during the upcoming year, it is necessary to eat seven raisins by midnight and put the seeds in their wallet to ensure it will never be empty.

In Mexico and many other parts of Latin America, the holiday celebrations extend well past Christmas Day and into the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, dinner includes specific food that signifies the transition from the former year and into the new one. Help with some of this food may be necessary, so it is a good idea to contact a caterer, such as, with experience in Latin American dishes. Some of the dishes to try include bacalao, which is salted cod fish, ponche, which is warm tequila punch, and bunuelos, which are crispy fried fritters. Some other traditions to ensure good fortune and luck in the coming year include throwing a bucket of water out of the window for renewal or cleaning the entire home.

Chicken and turkey are must-have proteins if a person wants to recreate a Peruvian New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s also necessary to enjoy a glass of pisco sour, which is something that can be learned about by contacting the pros at

If a person wants to enjoy a New Year’s celebration with Latin American flavors, they should consider some of the dishes here. They each offer a unique taste of these cultures and provide a fun way to celebrate this world-wide holiday. Being informed and knowing what food options are most popular are the best ways to ensure everyone enjoys their New Year’s celebration.

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