The Decurian Token Set to Disrupt the Gaming and Cryptocurrency World

The Decurian token is set to be the potential 2020 disrupter in the gaming/challenge field. The Decurian token disruption will cause an impact, which will not only be felt in the way gamers and developers interact but also access to games and digital assets attached to them.

Pairing its global outreach with equally far-reaching ambition, The Decurian token will set itself apart as a cryptocurrency that aims to serve a broad gaming customer base, just as cryptocurrencies do in the world of digital assets. Staying complacent in the world of emerging technologies is hardly a rewarding approach and this fact prompted Avalerion Investments to launch a token that is tethered to precious metals like gold and silver and has the platform to deliver uniform gaming experience to various players from all corners of the world allowing them to earn real-world money.

Decurian will be used primarily on the website with the token available to all players on the platform. The token will be used in the smart contract and provide the information to the blockchain.  According to the company, it intends to increase the level of honesty so that challengers on the platform are guaranteed to receive their prize money giving them an experience closest to tournament play available today. The players on the platform can compete against each other for a prize in any selected choice of game or event and the winner is credited instantly. They will be remunerated for their game-time, as well as their mastery and creativity in-game worlds.

“The Decurian token is set to change the dynamics of the gaming world creating new choices in the year 2020,” explained Michael Chodorowski, Decurian token founder. “People are encouraged to take this advantage and purchase the Decurian token to be part of this great revolution.”

The Decurian token sale has already begun on Dec 19, 2019, and will end on January 31st, 2020. The token distribution and trading on exchanges worldwide will commence on February 1st, 2020. As of Jan 2, 2020, over 6300 are registered on the ECU site for the Decurian token with over 1.2 million tokens already spoken for. For more information, please visit

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