Hedge fund businessman turns music producer to release debut songs for his newborn baby

Timo Strattner, a hedge fund businessman has turned music producer launching TBS Capital Music Management to create inspirational urban music. He dedicates his first-ever project to his newborn baby boy, Tony. He decided to follow his long-lost love for music for creating this perfect gift for his baby boy that will remain in the digital space forever. Big T-Monéy in collaboration with Slim Spitta has created two songs titled “Tony’s #1 fans” and “Let it Grow” on Soundcloud.com. These are two beautiful songs that tell the love story of Timo and his wife, and beautifully expresses their love for their child through well-thought lyrics and captivating music.

Although Timo has no ties with the music industry, he always wanted to become a musician. He dropped out of music scholarship at an early age and pursued business degrees with a hope to return to music, not as an artist but an investment banker. Now finally he is able to pursue his musical dream after his baby boy came into the world. Talking about the kind of music he wants to create, Timo says, “I want to convey a message that hip hop can have motivational non-violent lyrics and still get into the charts. I feel there is a lot of potential in inspirational hip hop.”

Timo was accepted on a music scholarship when he was 15 but due to the small number of applicants, he was tutored by a professor from that University in Bremen as part of that scholarship, for playing Saxophone. He was eventually dismissed because he couldn’t read sheet music. After this, he went off to get a business degree in Australia and began a new life becoming a professional investment banker. “I was always close to music and knew that I will return eventually and time will tell as what I will return as”, says Timo.

At present, Timo manages TBS Capital Management Group and recently launched TBS Capital Music Management launching a brand to expand his horizons into the music industry over time by collaborating with artists, buying royalties and building a platform for other artists to showcase their talent. “I see a big need in the music industry that has been completely overlooked. Investment banking, label financing, corporate and investment transaction services are not being provided much to new and established artists. In the near future, I will develop a business around this to be a go-to place for artists who are building businesses and buy into business-deals but need help figuring out the details.”

Listen to Timo’s latest songs on Soundcloud.com.

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