Block 2020 set to rewrite rules with a unique literary style

New hybrid fiction tale, Block 2020, gives the first-of-its-kind narration of heaven on earth based on real-world events

BLOCK XX/XX, Block 2020 is the first-of-its-kind book that will change the world of literature, with the new “hybrid fiction” genre. Block 2020 is a religious writing based on various viewpoints. The book is particularly different as it offers this new genre and new literary style to lovers of literature. Block 2020 is based on two premises – “Heaven is here on earth and there are people who walk among us that have never died.”

The creative industry has grown over the years, with several talented minds and hands treating millions of people across the globe to the best content. Religious-based pieces have become increasingly popular in recent times as writers come up with different stories and perspectives on a wide range of old topics. One ingenious writer brings a twist to the whole concept of religious writing with the release of BLOCK XX/XX, better known by its subtitle Block 2020.  Who?  Dr Goose X, a revered author hiding his identity.

Block 2020 was inspired by true events hidden by fiction, providing a style that is based on ancient scriptures or sacred texts updated to the present day. It looks at the similarity of every human, regardless of their faith, belief, or level of spirituality. Following many different cultures and beliefs from the past to present, BLOCK XX/XX offers a triple touch tale, providing readers with a whimsical experience, revealing secrets and motivating them to think at a higher level.

The primary goal of this captivating read is to allow readers to follow their intuitive thinking and look for something sacred by basically imagining themselves in the scene with their senses. Readers are guided to use their spiritual imagination through meditation.  It is both entertaining and enlightening.

Actually, it is a complete compilation of ten-books containing ten “Tests of Understanding” that must be passed before proceeding forward. Block 2020 is also fluid, allowing readers to go through it and ponder at their own pace.

BLOCK XX/XX, Block 2020 is the book you lend to a friend but ask for it back so you can read it again.

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