Drive System For TV Soundbar Of Zhaowei Promoting Digitalization In The Television Industry

An smart home world without TV Soundbar has today become inconceivable. With the advent of the era of large bandwidth and the development of 4K smart TVs with large screens, smart TVs have entered millions of households, following the trends of “high definition”, “networking” and “intelligence” of televisions, home theater will be an industry trend.

The theater has higher requirements on audiovisual equipment, which is a better audio-visual space that integrates sound, light, and aesthetics. To achieve the effect of a private home theater, many homes have installed wireless Bluetooth wall-mounted surround speakers and sub-woofers on the TV, but the placement of audio requires a large space in the TV cabinet, and various data cables cause a disturbance.

The smart home drive components from ZHAOWEI convince,with their high endurance and performance in a robust and compact; design. To realize the quality of life of an ideal home and meet the needs of TV manufacturers, TV soundbar reduction module solutions have been designed and developed.

Achieving a larger visual space

The TV audio reduction module solution uses a lead screw on a 22 mm stepper motor (customizable) in combination with a telescopic gear motor. When used in combination with the lead screw, it can achieve high precision linear positioning system, which features open-loop control of stepper, long life, and high torque density. It can intelligently slide the soundbar. When the TV soundbar is not needed, it will be retracted behind the TV screen, then achieve a larger visual space. When you need to use the soundbar, the soundbar will slide into place beneath the screen, allowing you to enjoy theater-like subwoofer stereo sound quality.

At present, some TV manufacturers on the market have also tried to improve the appearance design and functions of the motorized soundbar. According to feedback from some evaluation websites, there are still some problems with insufficient load-bearing, limited switchable gears, short service life, or high energy consumption and load noise. During the sliding process, the speed is not controlled well, and it may even become stuck. The TV audio reduction module from ZHAOWEI can adjust the outer diameter, speed, torque, voltage and other parameters of its planetary gearbox according to the weight and distance of the TV motorized soundbar, which can be designed as required.

Flexible and customizable

Besides, the lead screws used in this structure are based on metric sizes and can be assembled with ZHAOWEI stepper motor drive systems. There are a variety of standard lengths to choose from, which can be customized according to customer needs. The telescopic module of the TV soundbar can be installed on both sides of the TV, and can also be installed on the bottom or top of the TV; the specific installation position can be adjusted according to the TV design of the TV manufacturer, which meets different TV manufacturer needs.

The TV soundbar reduction module from ZHAOWEI is more stable

Televisions in homes are now replacing computers and mobile phones, and have become large-screen video service scenarios. Audio and video products show a trend of compactness and convenience. The TV sliding reduction module from ZHAOWEI is more stable, and the mechanical loss of TV audio will be smaller, which meets the requirements of low noise, stability, and speed. With the upgrade of bandwidth and the popularization of 5G scenarios, TVs can not only combine AR technology but also the Internet of Things, and become a smart home management center. Zhaowei will continue to manufacture miniature drive systems and electronic drive modules for global enterprises and is committed to intelligent drive to change the future.

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