101 Answers from the Universe: Eyes Wide Open, offers Fascinating Answers To The World’s Biggest Questions. Now On Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble And Soon Audible.

Toronto, Canada – A popular new book offering valuable insights into our world and our lives, 101 Answers from the Universe: Eyes Wide Open, by expert author Holly Hall, provides small answers to the world’s biggest questions. Released in January 2020, 101 Answers from the Universe: Eyes Wide Open has been an overnight success, helping readers from around the world learn and evolve in our ever-changing society and the modern world.

In this 134-page book, evolve, make a difference, and understand the fundamentals of why we are here, to find personal happiness and understand the meaning of life. Breaking down the complex questions of the day in understandable pieces, Holly Hall delivers answers in a simple, and yet in a detailed fashion that makes this book an exciting and fascinating page-turner for audiences around the world.

“Holly is a wonderfully gifted intuitive,  who uses her coaching skills to offer a unique perspective on our struggles and challenges,” remarked Dr. Shefali, Oprah’s leading parenting expert and clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author. “She has a gift in putting complex ideas into a beautiful language that we can immediately put to effective use in our lives. A wonderful added perspective!”

In today’s challenging and confusing times, now we finally understand what drives our society and the life around us. With Hall’s exciting new book, receive answers to the crucial questions of the day, including big concepts concerning life after death, soulmates, the Law of Attraction, happiness, global concerns, stress with our teens & adults, our education system, climate change, and more. Using expert narratives, you will be educated, grow, and evolve while awakening to world issues, spiritual pursuits, and the “system” that controls us all.

Available on Amazon, 101 Answers from the Universe: Eyes Wide Open sells for $11.99 and Prime eligible. To secure your copy of this fascinating glimpse into our universe, please visit here.

About The Author

Holly Hall, a world-renowned spiritual guide and teacher, is an expert in philosophy, psychology, NLP, powerful intuition and direct contact with the universal consciousness. She has helped thousands of clients tap into the Universal Collective Mind. Understanding the works of scientists like Nassim Haramein and Gregg Braden, Hall has formulated an understanding of how the universe speaks to whom we are, why we are here and has uncovered the answers to our questions.

To learn more, please visit 101AnswersFromTheUniverse.com.

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