BestValued Innovates New Platform to Help Shoppers Overcome the problem of “Overchoice”

Bestvalued welcomes anyone who has wasted long periods of time on review websites trying to select a product. Reading multiple reviews about the same product often gets potential buyers confused, and now BestValued asks to be the hero.

Overchoice or choice overload is a serious problem that a majority of the individuals face while shopping. Without realizing, people often spend long periods of time in making certain purchase decisions. A survey conducted by DeepBrainAI revealed that individuals aged 18-35 spend an average of 20 minutes on multiple review websites before they make a purchase. Similarly, this problem of “overchoice” was faced by Zaid Ahmed, co-founder DeepBrainAI. Once he wanted to purchase a 3D printer online and spent nearly two consecutive days confused, reading both positive and negative reviews about the same products. Right there and then, the idea to create BestValued was born, a platform that helps online shoppers save their time with the help of high-performance smart comparison shopping assistant.  

“Having too many choices can get people confused and often makes people avoid making a decision altogether, simplifying the choice attributes is critical in this digital era.” – Zaid Ahmed, co-founder DeepBrainAI. 

Overchoice is often associated with unhappiness; simplicity is sometimes more important than people realize. Increasing market competition has led multiple brands to compete in the same niche and become a part of the rat race. The pace at which technology is advancing has led the majority of businesses to become digitally native, leading many review websites to emerge in recent years to help consumers understand the product or service before they select and make a choice of what’s best for them. Albeit amateurish, it is common practise that people turn to their friends for advice on certain purchase decisions amongst other things. This has often yielded poor outcomes as said friends are no experts. Admittedly, buyers need honest reviews and expert advice prior to making purchases, however small or big. is a smart comparison platform that curates the best products available in a category and lists the distinctive features of each brand, which helps its viewers make seamless and informed decisions while choosing the best brand. 

Researchers at DeepBrainAI have analyzed a pattern that consumers follow when trying to select the products. The majority of the individuals tend to search for the “Best” Products or Services in a category before building brand preference. Just in the US, there were over 44 million searches in a month by people looking for the “Best” products or services. BestValued helps its viewers to choose the best products and services with the help of its smart listings curated by product experts. Not only does BestValued shortlist the best brands in a category, but it also caters to users that are searching for products and services in a category for specific types and purposes by creating a curated niche specific list.

In recent years, there has been an influx of review and comparison websites emerging; over 93% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchase. This dependence of consumers has led review websites to only focus on the new trending topics and neglect the previously published reviews. Outdated reviews not only mislead the customer into opting to invest in fraudulent products, but they also create a negative impact on the brand image of the reviewed brands. BestValued employs a large team of data-scientists, web-developers, creative writers, product experts, and digital marketers that strive to stay connected with the brands they list for continuous optimization. Additionally, they also publish the trending topics regularly with the best choices of leading brands in a particular niche. 

“BestValued strives to provide solutions to online shoppers who face difficulty in finding the best product suitable for their needs and make their shopping experience like a breeze.” 

Everyone loves to have a plethora of choices when out shopping, but “overchoice” can, however, can often trigger the so-called “buyer’s remorse” syndrome, a scenario where buyers wonder if they made the right choice post-purchase. Simplifying the choice attributes can help consumers make more informed decisions, which often get influenced by the psychological marketing tactics that marketers from major brands implement. BestValued currently lists products and services that cater to the US but plans to grow into another additional ten more countries in the coming few months. Smart list platforms like BestValued can help online shoppers from the confusion caused due to overchoice and save time that can be rather spent in doing something more productive.  

About BestValued is powered by DeepBrainAI. It is a leading high-performance smart comparison platform that assists online shoppers by providing smart listings of curated best products and services of the leading brands in the industry. BestValued strives to help online shoppers by helping them to make informed decisions quickly using the smart feature option while selecting the best choices for their needs.  

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