GRYN Green Hygienics Holdings is a Leading Specialized Agricultural Producer with One of the Largest Specific Product Farms in the USA


  • 824 Acre Specialized Farm Plus an Additional 400,000 sq. ft. Indoor Facility.  

  • Attractive Share Structure with Only 37 Million Shares Outstanding Including a Very Low Float of Only 4.7 Million.

  • Strong Revenue Growth Potential from Sales of Specialized Products and New Opportunities in Emerging Markets in the Construction Industry from Residual Biomass.

  • Strongly Emerging Global Demand for Specialized Agricultural Products and Advantage to US Farming Industry Over China due to Coronavirus. 


Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: GRYN) is an innovative, full-scope, science-driven, premium specialized agricultural branding enterprise focused on the cultivation and processing of industrial yields. The GRYN share structure is very attractive for investors with an OS of about 37 million fully diluted and a public float of only about 4.7 million shares. With this low supply of shares available GRYN should rise easily as the company moves forward with success in its business plans for 2020 and beyond.

The GRYN mission is to grow the company in a sustainable and profitable manner to be one of the largest Industrial producers for specialized agricultural products in North America. GRYN will adhere to the highest standards of operations in consistently delivering safe and premium quality products to consumers. GRYN intends to be a leader in FDA cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) capabilities in its marketplace.

The GRYN business model includes generating revenues from the sale of specialized agricultural products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry; creating trusted global consumer brands; developing valuable IP and growing the company rapidly through strategic acquisitions. For prospective acquisitions, GRYN will act as a business accelerator and a vertical integrator to support rapid growth and development of companies with extraordinary potential. GRYN management sees the global market for its specific niche of products becoming increasingly competitive so establishing its own distinct trusted brands will be important. By controlling its own supply chain, GRYN can also leverage strategic advantages in the marketplace, such as the ability to deliver a “best-in-class” product on a consistent basis.

  • GRYN Operates One of the Largest Specialized Agricultural Products Farms in North America

GRYN has an 824 Acre farm in California (80 times bigger than the US average for specialized products) with an additional 400,000 square feet of indoor grow space. This represents the potential for a large secure supply chain in an industry where efficacy is greatly lacking.

If we run the numbers on just one hundred acres we can see 100 acres x 2500 hundred plants per acre x 2 pounds per plant x $50 per pound = $25M Gross Revenue potential for every 100 acres and note quality flower is selling for $200 per pound.

GRYN has many times this capacity and can grow multiple crops over the year. Overall, this translates into huge earnings potential for GRYN

  • 3D Printed Bioproduct Could Revolutionize Construction Industry

In addition to all the existing opportunities in the evolving for GRYN, there is a new high earnings application in the construction field.  A new building material made from a special plant based bioproduct is being called an ideal solution for environmentally friendly building by some in the green building movement. Made from a mixture of special plant fiber and lime, the lightweight material has many benefits, including its strength, lack of toxins, its imperviousness to mold and pests, durability, and lack of flammability. It is also sustainable, as the plant product needed is relatively easy to grow and grows quickly in almost every part of North America.

  • As China’s Farming Industry Stalls, U.S. Growers Have the Advantage

U.S. producers happen to be 7,000 miles closer to the U.S. market than Chinese producers. Also, China’s farming industry is only now starting to diversify from its industrial products into consumer products, so many U.S. hemp producers and extractors are ahead of their Chinese competitors.

Virtually all of China’s industries have been hit hard by the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). China is still basically on lockdown due to COVID-19, which means that most businesses are hobbling at best as they try to comply with government directives to get workers back to the factories and get production back up to capacity. The current COVID-19 crisis, means that China will be offline for some time to come, and that means U.S. producers prepared for the export markets like GRYN, will find less competition in the international marketplace.

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