From Europe, Asia & Africa to America, Oceania, Middle-East etc., EAATSC Federation is Taking On the Whole World in Membership

There is an upcoming federation that is getting significant headway globally – the European, Asian & African federation of Training, Speaking & Coaching organisations.

Up & coming Federation on the Way

There is an upcoming federation that is getting significant headway globally – the European, Asian & African federation of Training, Speaking & Coaching organisations. Also known as EAATSC, the federation originally started with its purpose, aim and vision with influence and impact in countries and/or cities in 3 continents, namely the European continent, the Asian continent and the African continent.

So, what’s the Vision of EAATSC now?

‘To recognise, support and endorse organisations in the fields of training, speaking and coaching all over the world’

Getting to Know EAATSC

In the context of EAATSC, the definition of an Organisation in the vision statement refers to an agency, business, company, institution, school, centre, division, department, team, group, and even others, such as association, alliance, affiliation, federation, circle or network. The coverage of skills of practitioners in these EAATSC Organisations includes the following:

1) Training – pertaining to conducting of workshops, courses, classes, etc.

2) Speaking – pertaining to platform-presenting in mass events like conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc.

3) Coaching – pertaining to 1-to-1 and/or small group coaching, personal consultation, etc.

4) Others – pertaining to business and/or corporate advice-giving such as business consulting, management-and/or-staff skills roadmap-developing, etc.

Increasing the Scope of Area Coverage for Membership

With the federation widening its scope, the sphere of influence and inclusion of EAATSC further covers the Americas, the Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc.), the Middle-East, etc. The following depicts EAATSC’s all areas of influence and inclusion to date:

1) Europe – any European countries/cities, which includes United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, etc.

2) Asia – any North-Asian and South-Asian countries/cities, which includes China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, etc.

3) Africa – any African countries/cities, which includes South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia, etc.

4) Americas – any North-American, Central-American and South-American countries/cities, which includes Canada, USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

5) Oceania – any Oceania countries/cities, which includes Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands, Guam, etc.

7) Middle-East – any Middle-Eastern countries/cities, which includes Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, etc.

Up to date, EAATSC has members from and/or with work/business influence in Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States of America, Pacific, Oceania, etc.

Some of EAATSC Existing Members

Global Image, Etiquette & Communication Alliance, GIECA (Asia-Pacific):

GIECA’s Purpose:

‘To bring together professionals, practitioners, educators, related-business owners & management and aspiring apprentices involved in the Total Image industry, Total Etiquette industry, Total Communication industry and/or any other related industry to connect on a global platform for network, leverage and recognition.’

The Global Image, Etiquette & Communication Alliance, also known as GIECA, has been established since 2010. It is an international platform where professionals (consultants and specialists), practitioners (trainers and coaches), educators (teachers and lecturers), related-business owners & management and aspiring apprentices involved in the Total Image industry, Total Etiquette industry, Total Communication industry and/or any other related industry to connect on a global platform for network and leverage as full-fledged Affiliates. GIECA welcomes people all over the world at any stage of their career in the Total Image Industry, Total Etiquette Industry and Total Communication Industry. Since formation, we have had Affiliates globally – from and with business or work influence in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Mauritius, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.


Signature Image Academy International, SIAI (Singapore, Asia):

Based in Singapore and with work influence in various parts of Asia, Signature Image Academy International specialises in & conducts Corporate Trainings, Certification Courses, Workshop Trainings, and International Seminars/Conferences that will greatly advantage clients and participants both professionally and individually. With professional expertise and vast experience, SIAI focuses on conducting training programs and workshops for all organisations in 2 set of skills: the Personal Branding Skillset and the Personal Effective Skillset. The former skillset includes Professional Image Presentation, Corporate Wardrobe & Dressing, Office Etiquette & Social Graces, Body Language in Effective Communication, Internal & External Customer Service Quality or Networking in Public Relation Skills. The latter skillset of Personal Effective Skills covers the Innovation Quotient, the Emotion Quotient, the Adversity Quotient, the Social Quotient, the Charism Quotient and the Technology Quotient, etc. for Work Productivity & Business Enhancement. At the moment, SIAI has plans to establish branches in other cities in Asia in the near future.

Signature Image Academy International is in its 12 year of establishment this year in 2020. To keep up with time, especially in the new millennial century, the training corporation will be revealing her new logo soon at her 12th corporate anniversary.


One of EAATSC’s New Members

International Beauty & Image Consultants Association, IBICA (United States of America):

IBICA is an international authority on beauty, image & wellness through quality education & innovation. The association originated from USA, and is now managed internationally. Her primary mission objectives include being an International Examination Board, being an Education & Training agent through organizing Seminars & Professional Workshops, Organizing International Conferences & National Events, Creating Network and Establishment of Achievement Awards.


Membership Benefits and Code of Conduct & Ethics

As EATSC Members, organisations will be able to:

  • be part of an international community of other same- or related-skills organisations for support and network.
  • have business listing on the Members’ directory on the website for greater reach to other audiences.
  • use EAATSC logo and wording on website, business collaterals, name cards, etc. for enhanced recognition, credibility and branding.
  • have EAATSC assess their works in terms of sound business practice, professional expertise, service quality & standards, client recognition and progressive innovations.

As EATSC Members, organisations should also pledge to:

  • provide a significant level of expertise of the services rendered to clients.
  • maintain professionalism and excellent customer service.
  • adhere to sound business practice.
  • project an appropriate and professional company image, branding and reputation.
  • exercise privacy and confidentiality of clients’ information.

Want to Sign Up as a Member?

For membership registration and application, you can log on to the official website: For enquiries pertaining to EAATSC, please send email with subject heading, detailed question/s and city, country and continent of work to: [email protected]

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