Take Better Care of Residential Marble Surfaces With High-Quality Marble Sealers from MORE Surface Care in Hayward, CA

Take Better Care of Residential Marble Surfaces With High-Quality Marble Sealers from MORE Surface Care in Hayward, CA

Hayward, CA While marble countertops are one of the most beautiful and longlasting solutions for kitchen countertops, they are also very delicate surfaces that can easily be stained by a variety of acids such as lemon juice and harsh cleaners. Fortunately, advanced technology has made it simple to find the right product to protect marble, as well as any other stone countertop. 

MORE Surface Care is a leading company in Hayward, CA, dedicated to offering award-winning solutions to protect stone countertops. While providing maintenance to countertops is normally expensive, MORE Surface Care offers an extensive variety of effective yet affordable products to maintain acid-sensitive stones such as marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx in excellent condition. 

MORE Surface Care offers an extensive variety of high-quality products such as stone sealers, grout, ceramic and stone sealers, quartz sealers, marble countertop sealants, stone enhancers, high gloss stone sealers, stone and tile cleaners, acidic cleaners, oil stain removal, gloss sealers, vinyl floor cleaners and more. 

Unlike many other products available in the market, MORE Surface Care provides easy-to-identify products, as all of them have been labeled with the exact name of the product function, that way customers can choose the product that best suits their needs in simple terms. All of their products are packed with the latest technology that maximizes the effectiveness of its formula. 

Regarding the quality of their products, the spokesperson for MORE Surface Care said, “When it comes to cleaning and protecting the areas where you cook, entertain, play, bathe and sleep, it’s really a no-brainer. MORE™ products are water-based and have less impact on indoor air quality. Compared to solvent-based products, the MORE™ lineup reduces VOC emissions by up to 90%.”

While all MORE Surface Care products have become the number one choice for home and business owners because of their effectiveness, in their constant interest to offer the highest quality services, their company also offers its patented formula AntiEtch™. A premium professionally-installed product created to provide a wide range of benefits such as no etching and staining, clear finish, no need for application in a specific direction, low odor during application, zero porosity and durability, among other multiple benefits. 

Confident of the quality of their products, MORE Surface Care offers extended guarantees for all of their products based on the usage of the surface. For instance, homeowners can receive coverage against stains for up to 20 years, commercial spaces are covered against stains for 10 years and exterior countertop installations are covered for 1 year. After a proper application of the product, there is no need to reseal during the warranty coverage period and in the event that a stain occurs, MORE Surface Care will send out one of their specialists to remove the stain and if the stain cannot be removed, they will make sure to replace the complete countertop. Their extended warranty is fully transferrable and it covers granite, marble and polished quartzite. 

MORE Surface Care is located at 30506 San Antonio Street, Hayward, CA 94544. For high-quality marble sealers, contact their team via phone at 1-844-404-6673 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their services or to find MORE Surface Care sealers for marble surfaces, visit their website. 

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