Laser Dentistry At Wayzata Dental In Minneapolis Is Saving People From Pain And Fear Of The Dentist

Laser Dentistry At Wayzata Dental In Minneapolis Is Saving People From Pain And Fear Of The Dentist
Wayzata Dental in Minneapolis offers pain-free dental care for clients and new patients alike.

Minneapolis, MN – Wayzata Dental is one of the leading Minneapolis dentistry offices with access to innovative laser technology. The office’s founder, Dr. McDowell, became the first dentist in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area to bring Solea laser into his practice. Unlike other popular lasers available on the market for dentists, the Solea laser is the first FDA-approved laser for use in both hard and soft tissue. The technology has presented the office with the opportunity to perform 90% of procedures without the use of Novocaine or a drill.

Wayzata Dental began investing in radiation-free cavity detection technology at a point earlier than most. Not only does laser dentistry save patients from countless doses of unnecessary radiation, but it has also increased the ability to detect budding dental problems at an earlier stage.

Solea works differently than any laser before it. Native CO2 lasers, at 10.6 µm are only useful on soft tissue, and erbium lasers only vaporize water and slowly chip away at the enamel. Solea uses an oxygen-18 isotope and other modifications to emit 9.3 µm, nearing the peak absorption of hydroxyapatite. This results in an isotopic CO2 laser that actually vaporizes enamel, allowing the dentist to work anywhere in the oral cavity, from any angle, with more speed and more ease of access. Dr. McDowell acknowledges that the vibration and distinct noise created by dental drills are often a prominent factor in many adults who fear visiting a dental office.

Solea lasers can remove dental hard tissue with minimal vibration and little noise. Due to the ability to tightly focus the ablation holes, lasers also have the potential to substantially reduce the amount of tissue removed during cavity preparations, facilitating the preservation of healthy tissue. Extensive laboratory work has led to the choice of a range of dental laser conditions that can be used to treat enamel to make it resistant to dissolution by acids in the dental caries process. With a careful choice of laser parameters, it is possible to selectively remove carious tissue and protect the preparation from further caries progression.

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Wayzata Dental in Minneapolis, MN was founded by Dr. McDowell in order to focus on new ideas and new solutions, seeking preventative and minimally-invasive treatments in tandem with patient education. Dr. McDowell’s focus on improving the patient experience begins with using the latest available technology. Whether that means radiation-free imaging, or laser dentistry, Dr. McDowell is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one patient at a time. His practice is run with a close eye on what is new and upcoming in dental technology. Never one to follow the trends of the industry, McDowell has been provided with the unique opportunity to adapt early and embrace newer advances in dentistry. He believes that technology allows him to provide better care to his patients.

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