News: With FFXIV 5.25 Release | FF14 Relic Weapons Will Come Back

Over the updates, FFXIV has deleted some unpopular items, meanwhile, sometimes they also removed some quite popular items out of no reason, and Relic Weapons are just one of them, the good news is in FF14 it will come back with the 5.25 patch releases. For more info about Relic Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV, keep reading.

Great news from Final Fantasy XIV, the legendary relic weapons are off for a new start in the 5.25 update of Final Fantasy XIV. While we are waiting for the launch date, the developer Square Enix teased the arrival of the Resistance Weapons Quests on Final Fantasy 14 with an update on the Lodestone!

The Relic Weapons are quite famous in Final Fantasy XIV. Moreover, Even though spending massive FFXIV Gil, you also cannot get that weapon. Symbol of hard work and dedication the road to get your hands on these shiny and unique weapons is quite far from a calm ocean fishing session. Although the stats of these legendary weapons are very low right now compared to endgame gear, the addition of a new series of Relics weapons, in fact, could change the tone very well and then making the most powerful weapons in this game.

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Right now, there are two types of Lore And Quests related relics in this game and they are:

The Zeta Relics
The Anima Relics

As well as a zone-related relic:

• The Eureka relics

Each of these relics began to a first stage and then was upgraded along with the updates of this game.

Getting any of these weapons required intensive farming, and just as I stated above you cannot get this just by spending some Final Fantasy XIV Gil, be it due to a large amount of poetics required or simply a quite long process.

For example, nowadays getting a Zeta Relic at maximum level will ask you to farm a lot of specific non-story dungeons.

Now here is the new relic weapons: Resistance Weapons

Let’s take a look at the resistance weapons in advance before it officially launches:

So far, the addition of these new relics is still clouded in mystery. And the question is will they be following the format of the Zeta / Anima relics or will they just come in a new zone just as the Eureka weapons ever did?

What we have confirmed till now is that they are scheduled to come with patch 5.25 in the upcoming weeks for the very first stage and it should be upgradable pretty soon with incoming updates.

Do not worry about that, we will keep you updated and we will write a guide about how to obtain them as soon as we master more information, therefore, make sure to check our latest FFXIV4GIL BLOG regularly.

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