Extreme Gleam Detailing takes Electric car detailing to another level

Extreme Gleam Detailing takes Electric car detailing to another level

Extreme Gleam Detailing

Worcestershire-based car detailing company, Extreme Gleam Detailing, continues to receive excellent reviews from clients across the area with exquisite detailing services

Extreme Gleam Detailing is a leading name in the auto detailing industry with more than 10 years of serving clients in and around the West Midlands. One service that has seemingly stood the company out in recent times is Electric car detailing, helping owners of electric vehicles stay unique as they cruise around town in their rides exquisitely designed by experienced professionals.

The car detailing industry has grown tremendously in recent times, as more car owners look to protect their investment, both new and used. Extreme Gleam Detailing specialises in paint correction and paint protection, offering a range of Accredited Detailer Only Ceramic Coatings. The increasing popularity of electric vehicles due to the continued advocacy for a cleaner environment has paved the way for another sector in the industry – electric car detailing. Unfortunately, not too many car detailing companies in the West Midlands and other parts of the UK have been able to meet the needs of customers. However, Extreme Gleam Detailing seems to have mastered the art of revolutionizing the industry as the company sets the pace for electric car detailing across the West Midlands.

Extreme Gleam Detailing has already handled several electric car brands, including Tesla and other makers of electric cars. Tom Taylor and his team of experienced car detailing professionals have ensured that the diverse needs of customers are met, without requiring them to break the bank.

The car detailing company’s unique combination of comprehensiveness, quality, and relative affordability has helped it grow to become one of the most sought-after solutions in the industry, with accolades coming from different quarters.

For more information about Extreme Gleam Detailing and the wide range of services offered, please visit – https://extremegleamdetailing.co.uk/.

The company also has a relatively strong presence on social media and can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

About Extreme Gleam Detailing

Extreme Gleam Detailing is a family run business based in Worcestershire, West Midlands. The company offers a selection of detailing services, covering the West Midlands, with expertise in paint correction and paint protection.

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