Building a Community through Puzzles – Looking To the Future with Hope and Optimism

Building a Community through Puzzles - Looking To the Future with Hope and Optimism

LINDON, UT – March 23, 2020 – Good news from Lindon, UT. There is a cure for quarantine. A cure for boredom, a cure for feeling trapped at home, and mostly a cure for staying connected. What’s the cure? Puzzles. Puzzles?

The world has changed quite a bit in the last few weeks. Everyone is adapting. And one way—that may surprise you—is that many, many people are doing puzzles. Lots and lots of them. Who would have thought in an economy such as this, puzzles would be a booming market?

This is a time when all of us are reassessing our day to day lives. We are negotiating new challenges. Many of us are working, studying, and socially connecting from home. As we get closed off from social engagements, movie theaters, traveling, etc., we recognize that what matters most is authentic connection with our loved ones.

So, what do puzzles have to do with reconnecting? Trying to sort this out we sat down as a family and did a few puzzles. Who knew it would change our family together time over night? It wasn’t just doing a puzzle — but a completely new way of engaging together. The kids asked questions, they told stories, they even almost laughed at my jokes. Two hours passed and nobody wanted it to end.

Wanting to know more I reached out to the owner of Dowdle Folk Art, Eric Dowdle, and asked if this was a common occurrence. Dowdle laughed and said, “Absolutely.” Then he added, “Doing a puzzle is a time when people come together and do something that appeals to all ages. It’s not difficult, everyone can do it, and before you know it everyone is opening up and sharing together—it’s a time when personalities are revealed, and great stories are told.”

So, I bought more puzzles. Thinking of the stories aspect, I purchased very strategically. I bought “Calgary” and “Washington, D.C.,” since that’s where my wife and I are from. I got the “U.S. Navy” puzzle so I could regale my kids with stories about my time in the service. I grabbed “San Diego” because my wife spent a few years there and never stops talking about it. We grew up to the song, “Over the River and Through the Woods,” so I bought that one as well as a few kids puzzles: “Little Red Hen,” “Old MacDonald,” “Space Adventure,” and the “Three Little Pigs.”

Think of everywhere you’ve lived, worked, played, or traveled—and the chances are Dowdle has painted it and they’ve created a puzzle based on that artwork. He even films in most of the places he paints, which gave me a great idea for an at-home-date-night. My wife and I honeymooned in Hawaii, and so I bought the “North Shore” and we’re going to put it together while we watch the “Painting The Town” episode filmed there.

There’s a lot to consider in the ever-changing world we inhabit, but there’s also some very good news. People are recognizing that puzzles help us connect with those we love. Dowdle says they call them, “Stories in a box.” They might not be the cure for everything, but they just might be the good news we’ve all been looking for.

Eric Dowdle & Company Background

Renown American Folk Artist

Eric is a fine-art painter of Americana, with 400+ original pieces that reflect the heritage, heart, & soul of America, and iconic travel destinations worldwide. Described as a modern-day Currier & Ives, Eric paints for the people, making his works highly valued by collectors.

TV & Radio Personality

Eric captivates people of all ages with his infectious personality. His wit and charm make him a natural in high-impact media platforms where he connects with his audience. He is active in TV, Radio, and Social Media with a large and growing following.

Master Storyteller

As he travels, Eric immerses himself in the unique stories, experiences, and people of a place. He captures in vibrant detail the true essence, character, and stories of the places and people he paints.


Through talent, grit, and determination, Dowdle has grown into a preeminent multi-million-dollar business, with national distribution, capturing the attention of small and big box retailers alike.

Puzzle Enthusiast

Most of Eric’s art pieces have been manufactured into Dowdle Puzzles. In 2010, Dowdle sold their one millionth puzzle and sales have been growing ever since. Dowdle puzzles are a premium puzzle and made in the USA. They’re now distributed throughout the United States and the world.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dowdle Folk Art
Contact Person: Brian Bollard, Marketing Director
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Phone: (801) 785-1123
Country: United States