NovaTestEquip Introduces Fotric 226B Thermal Camera with AI Enhanced Software Offering Non-Contact Abnormal Temperature Screening and Alarm of Human Traffic

NovaTestEquip Introduces Fotric 226B Thermal Camera with AI Enhanced Software Offering Non-Contact Abnormal Temperature Screening and Alarm of Human Traffic

Plano, TX – NovaTestEquip is pleased to announce the introduction of the Fotric 226B Infrared Thermal Camera with AI enhanced PC software thermal solution – an innovative product that offers a safe and highly efficient non-contact method for abnormal temperature screening and alarm of human traffic.

The Fotric 226B infrared thermal camera is specifically designed to automatically lock the facial region and scan the temperature instantly within a milli-second time.  When an abnormal higher facial temperature is detected, the audible alarm is trigged and a visible light image snapshot is recorded, enabling the operator to quickly identify the individual with potential higher than normal body temperature and request further diagnosis.

Additionally, the Fotric 226B’s software with advanced AI face recognition can automatically count the total number of detected people, and the total number of suspected abnormal high body temperature alarms, with a head snapshot throughout the screening process, providing statistics data for epidemic prevention and control.  It has been successfully used in China as an infrared fever screening thermal camera solution in various entrances and exits, airports, other transport terminals, schools, commercial buildings and any other places to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus, and any other diseases that could be potentially identified adjunctly by fever.

The Fotric 226B thermal camera is equipped with a high-resolution detector which boasts over 110k infrared pixels for high quality imaging and accurate temperature measurement.  It can work continuously, 24/7, with excellent thermal stability.  Fotric WLIR software is upgraded with AI face-recognition algorithm, which matches and locks the visible light human face with the corresponding region of interest on the radiometric infrared image in real-time.

The built-in artificial intelligence of the Fotric 226B can ignore other hot objects in the field of view and only measure the temperature of the face recognized to avoid false high temperature alarms.  The built-in AI temperature calibration automatically collects face temperatures in different scenarios for self-learning and adapts the ambient temperature changes in real-time without manual adjustment.  The operator can also manually adjust the threshold of high temperature alarm, turn the thermal camera into a very helpful adjunct fever detection tool for mass human traffic flow screening.

The Fotric 226B Thermal Imaging Camera has the best performance for the indoor application with a preferred working distance of 0.8m to 3.2m.  It can detect multiple people in the view simultaneously so the operator can arrange the human traffic in single line or multiple lines.  The set-up is simple, and the camera can be fixed onto any tripod with a ¼-20 thread. 

Fotric 226B Fever Warning Thermal Camera with free WLIR software is now available from Nova Test Equipment (, Fotric’s authorized North American distributor.

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