Hanging Gardens Agency: The Content Kings Revealed

In honor of celebrating its official launch, after almost a year of operations, the Hanging Gardens Agency held an exclusive event on Tuesday, March 10th at The Selfie Kingdom in Dubai empowered by TikTok, in the presence of celebrities and friends of the agency.

Guests included content creators, bloggers, influencers, clients and personalities, including Suzan Najm El Deen. The goal of this content-creation-oriented event was to reveal on the agency through a workshop with TikTok and using 15x themed content creation stations. The enthusiasm of all content creators generated hundreds of mentions across all social media platforms and was supported by an online competition. This confirms once again the effectiveness of the science behind content creation. It also highlights the scientific effectiveness of micro-bloggers who, as the Hanging Gardens Agency always mentions, have higher reach and authenticity.

The agency provides full spectrum communication spectrum while focusing on creating a strategy for your content creation needs, which then can be creatively applied to events, influencers marketing, photography, videography, social media posts, etc.

While the global economy is swinging and the communication industry is going through a rough tornado, the Hanging Gardens Agency finds it the perfect opportunity to redefine the role of communication being a main asset to communicate with the target audiences in a creative and cost-effective manner. The agency proved once again that generating content should and can now be cost-effective, simple and creative.

Now that all advertising, marketing and social media companies are struggling to get more market shares, the Hanging Gardens Agency believes it’s the perfect time to create a new territory focusing on creating a new era of communication, by learning from the previous chapters, and building on current and trends to come.

The Hanging Gardens Agency who is currently working on its expansion plan to the Middle East, Europe & USA, leveraged all the power of the current Social Media trends, including TikTok to make sure this was a meaningful launch event. By leveraging the power of original thinking, and embracing the latest trends, the efforts lead into the equation of knock-out communication.

About the Hanging Gardens Agency:

Originally launched in 2019, the Hanging Gardens Agency is a communication boutique concept built on the understanding that today’s most consumed currency is cost-effective creative content, along with brand experience and social media interaction, as it’s never been more important for a brand, a business, or an individual to stand out from the digital crowd.

The agency follows a customer-focused, boutique business model, that offers personalized communication solutions, in-depth study of clients’ budgets versus desired return on investment.

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