The Positive Brand Effect of Excellent Artistic Design on Enterprises

New Far Eastern Maternal and Child Hospital was established in 1999.  Located in densely populated Taichung District, Taiwan, this hospital has a professional medical team of obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics, and is well received among residents. At the same time, the hospital has close links with a number of major comprehensive hospitals in Taiwan, and has participated in investments in industries such as medical cosmetology and postnatal care.

The hospital invited Chih Yu Liu, an artistic designer with rich experience, to work out cute products used in pediatrics departments so that kids who come to the clinic feel more relaxed. Since most of the guests of pediatrics department in this hospital are delivery women, the hospital hopes that obstetrics department could be linked with pediatrics department by means of design features. At the same time, the pediatrics department could look livelier through the design of the cute products and the internal arrangement, so as to create a harmonious atmosphere for communication between patients and doctors.

As a designer, Chih Yu Liu communicated with the hospital leaders for several times, deciding to design a lively and innovative brand combining the features of pediatrics department and the history of the hospital. Before designing products, Chih Yu Liu noticed that the design was intended to make parents and kids feel cozier in the hospital without feeling awkward about finding these products in the professional environment, and at the same time she supposed excessive use of common elements should be avoided. In order to bring positive benefits to the hospital through the products, we decided to design hospital supplies for moms or babies, such as USB, folders and handbags.

In the process of designing products, Chih Yu Liu hopes that the colors could be well matched with the decoration and layout of the clinic. Therefore, she designed the products with divergent thinking based on the concept of parent-child relationship, adopting elements representing the adult and child while displaying family affection through simple illustrations. Since the hospital is a relatively senior one in the medical field, the logo of the hospital is standardized, giving people an impression of high quality. In this case, the supplies for pediatrics department are supposed to show more cuteness. At last, milk bottle is selected as a representative image, which is cute and could remind people of necessities of mothers and babies. In terms of the color matching of products, Chih Yu Liu mainly chose warm colors of orange and yellow, combined with cold colors like blue to form a contrast. She believes that such a matching not only conforms to the serious style of the hospital, but also displays a lively atmosphere. The application of cold colors prevents the style from being exaggeratedly bright.

At last, products designed by Chih Yu Liu including folders, manuals, and mobile hard disks were produced on a large scale, and the products were distributed to patients and their families in the out-patient department. In this way, the image and philosophy of the hospital are well demonstrated and able to leave a deep impression on guests, which has a positive effect on the promotion of hospital.

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