Tuxedo Mosquito Control Firm Tackles Question ‘Is Coronavirus Carried By Mosquitoes?’

Tuxedo Mosquito Control Firm Tackles Question ‘Is Coronavirus Carried By Mosquitoes?’
Marietta-based mosquito control firm answers questions about Coronavirus/mosquito links.

Tuxedo Mosquito Control and David Maddox are pleased to announce that they have posted a recent response to a question they have heard a lot this year: ‘Is Coronavirus Carried By Mosquitoes?’ They have based their response to the question in an article posted by Eric Jackson, deputy director of Lee County Mosquito Control. Forecasts indicate there is likely to be a large mosquito population this spring and summer. Jackson said the warm weather and on and off the rain this winter has made mosquitoes abundant but hasn’t seen any cases of mosquito-borne diseases since early fall.

Knowledge at this point, very early in the Mosquito Control season, indicates that mosquitoes cannot spread the COVID-19 virus. Jackson said mosquitoes could carry a variety of illnesses, such as the Zika Virus, but one has to evolve to be able to use a mosquito as a carrier to get the next host. So while you may be concerned if Coronavirus is carried by Mosquitoes, research indicates that it is not. It is important to take necessary precautions and mosquito treatment to reduce the mosquito population so that outdoor living is enjoyable as the warmer months approach.

Additional details are available at https://www.tuxedomosquitocontrol.com/is-coronavirus-carried-by-mosquitoes/

According to David Maddox, President of Tuxedo Mosquito Control. “We are already a vertical company with our entire staff all working remotely and having limited contact with any possible exposure. We are continuing our efforts in Atlanta and will be starting up soon in the South Carolina office. Our mosquito systems goal is to protect our customer’s yards as best as possible, so if you and your family are faced with any quarantined status, at least you can be more comfortable in your own yard.”

“We offer two solutions to control the mosquito,” he continued. “One is our automated mosquito control misting system. This system is installed into your yard with a serious of misting heads that will spray two to three times a day with a material made from crushed up Chrysanthemum flowers. We also offer a single spray service for parties and/or events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, and such, or a regular monthly service can be performed throughout the mosquito season.”

We always suggest you follow the CDC guidelines for protecting yourself.

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