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TriGearLab, who provide unbiased guides, reviews, and solutions and buyers guides from triathlon enthusiast has put together a list of major events around the world that have been cancelled or postponed due to the ban on public gatherings and sporting and entertainment events.

Public gatherings have been banned in many places and sporting events have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus. TriGearLab, who provide unbiased guides, reviews, and solutions and buyers guides from triathlon enthusiast has launched a special page to provide details of major events that have been postponed or canceled.

TriGearLab, who provide details on the best smart bike trainer, and the best triathlon and road bikes has introduced the special page on canceled and postponed events to keep people informed. The page is updated on a regular basis, allowing those having booked or thinking of booking an event to know if that event is still going ahead.

The event page which is growing daily covers all events around the world, that include the USA, the UK, China, Australia and beyond. It provides details of the name of the event, date of the event, and if the event has been cancelled or postponed.

When asked why the page has been put together, a spokesman for TriGearLab replied: “It is important for people to know if an event they have booked is going ahead. If the event is not going ahead then they can quickly contact the venue for a refund on their ticket.”

TriGearLab are asking for people who know about events not taking place and that have not been included on the list, to get in touch.

“It is important that event organisers, or people who know about an event that has been cancelled to get in touch,” explained a spokeswoman for TriGearLab.

The coronavirus could be here for at least another twelve months according to medical experts. During that time many more events around the world will be cancelled. By visiting TriGearLab on a regular basis, people can be kept informed on the status of an event they are wishing to attend.

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