Rinati Lakel Introduces A New Product Line “Basic Cloth-LINGERIE”

Rinati Lakel finally came up with a bright project which introduces a new collection that will inspire women to get out of their comfort zone. Wear, be confident, and stand out!

Israel – In response to the high demands of active women, Rinati Lakel changed the use of headscarves, headbands, boubous volumizers, and customized headgear. To add a new element in highlighting femininity, the boutique store introduces its latest product line with trendy, fashionable Basic Cloth-LINGERIE.

Rinati Lakel finally revealed its unique, stylish solutions for underwear. The aforementioned new product line delivers a mini-revolution of underwear. According to the company, each underwear is designed to sublimate the wearer’s femininity and promise to put itself at the service of the customer’s needs.

As the company created a revolutionary collection of underwear, women are now free from frustrations and could wear whatever they like. Each underwear is specially created based on every woman’s needs.

The Basic Cloth collection comes with light and comfortable to wear items. This new Rinati Lakel concept is available in non-perspirant, seamless, and ultra-light second-skin materials combined with delicate finishes. So, women can stay comfortable and confident even wearing a slit that is too tight or sleeveless dress and blouse. They will not also feel frustrations when wearing a blouse that is too transparent.

Interested women in the Basic Cloth concept can choose between refined dress bottoms, T-shirts, or combinations to complete and embellish their outfits. Ultra-trendy petticoats are also part of the collection for an extra layer of elegance.

“We want to welcome every woman to the world of New Generation Underwear. We want to continue sharing your passion, inspiration, creativity, and femininity to serve as other people’s strengths. We hope that through our new product concept, we can help you express who you really are and show to the world how confident you are,” says Rinati.

Over the past years, Rinati Lakel served as a top-notch provider of fashion items that are versatile, easy to wear, and suitable to all tastes. The company produces products made from a wide array of materials inspired by the greatest designers and trends.

Rinati Lakel believes that modern lingerie should be a fashionable item symbolizing women’s empowerment, confidence, and comfort. The new project will fully signify femininity and inspiration to women all over the world. The company wants women not to limit themselves from what they want to wear and to express.

About Rinati Lakel:

Rinati Lakel is a leading provider of top-notch fashionable items such as headbands, turbans, headscarves, snoods, and custom headgear. The company is also offering basic cloth lingerie items. Today, the company markets its products through various networks in seven countries, including Israel, the United States, Canada, South Africa, England, and France.

For more information about Basic Cloth-Lingerie and other products of Rinati Lakel, please call +972 2-5609382 or email at [email protected].

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